Headlines for June 14, 2021

New Israeli Gov’t Coalition Ousts Benjamin Netanyahu After 12 Years as Prime Minister, G7 Concludes as Activists Slam Failure to Act on Climate Crisis, Vaccine Inequality, Biden to Meet with Turkey’s President Erdogan as NATO Summit Kicks Off, Novavax Vaccine 90% Effective; U.S. COVID Cases Continue to Fall as California Readies for Reopening, U.K. Delays Reopening as Moscow Sees New Surge in Cases; India Moves to Reopen as Infections Drop, Bombs Kill at Least 7 in Afghanistan as Hazara Shia Come Under Mounting Attacks, Shelling in Afrin, Syria, Kills at Least 13 People, Tunisian Protesters Call for an End to Police Brutality After Recent Killings of Civilians, Israeli Forces Killed 5 People in the Occupied West Bank Over Past Week, Including a 15-Year-Old Boy, Nigerians Protest on Democracy Day After Deadly Raid in Zamfara Kills at Least 53 People, Fire at New Delhi Rohingya Refugee Camps Leaves Hundreds Without Shelter, Calls for Justice in Guatemala After Two Trans Activists Killed, Shootings Over Weekend Bring U.S. to More Than 270 Mass Shootings Since Start of 2021, AG Merrick Garland Says DOJ Will Work to Protect Voting Rights, Louisiana ICE Jail Puts Prisoners on “Communications Lockdown” After Mishandling Tuberculosis Case, Record Temperatures Hit Southwest as Drought Conditions Worsen Across Western U.S., Pulitzer Prize Honors Darnella Frazier; Les and Tamara Payne Win for Malcolm X Biography

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