Headlines for June 18, 2021

Biden Signs Bill Making Juneteenth a Federal Holiday Commemorating End of Slavery, Senate GOP to Filibuster Voting Rights Legislation, Reject Sen. Manchin Compromise Bill, House Votes to Repeal War Powers Granted to President Ahead of U.S.-Led Invasion of Iraq, Brazilian Senate Inquiry Reveals Bolsonaro Ignored Pfizer’s Offers to Supply COVID-19 Vaccines, British Lockdown to Continue Until July 19 as Delta Coronavirus Variant Drives Surge of Cases, Israel Bombs Gaza Strip in Second Breach of Ceasefire That Capped Deadly May Assault, Palestinians Mourn West Bank Teenagers Killed While Protesting Illegal Israeli Settlements, Iranians Begin Voting in Presidential Election, North Korea’s Kim Jong-un Acknowledges Food Crisis Due to Sanctions, COVID-19 and Crop Failures, Bolivian Ex-Defense Minister Plotted to Use U.S. Mercenaries to Launch Coup in 2020, Affordable Care Act Survives Third Supreme Court Challenge, SCOTUS Rules in Favor of Nestlé & Cargill in Child Slave Labor Case, Supreme Court Sides with Anti-LGBTQ Foster Agency in “Religious Freedom” Case, DOJ Asks SCOTUS to Reinstate Death Penalty for Boston Marathon Bomber, South Carolina Delays Executions So Prisoners Can Choose Between Electrocution or Firing Squad, Arizona to Pay Prisoners $1.50/Hour to Fight Wildfires as Record Heat Scorches Western U.S., Police Arrest Editors of Hong Kong Newspaper Under National Security Law

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