Headlines for August 2, 2021

Millions Could Face Eviction as Congress Fails to Extend Moratorium, “Things Are Going to Get Worse”: Fauci Warns Nation as COVID Cases Surge, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan Battle Delta Variant, Eight Die in Southwestern Turkey as 100 Wildfires Burn, Thousands of Rohingya Refugees Displaced By Mass Flooding in Bangladesh, U.S.: 91 Large Wildfires Burn in Western States, Trump to DOJ: “Just Say the Election was Corrupt + Leave the Rest to Me”, Rep. McCarthy: “It Will Be Hard Not to Hit” Pelosi With Gavel, Taliban Launches Attacks on Three Afghan Provincial Capitals, Iran Denies Responsibility For Attack on Israel-Linked Oil Tanker, Mexico, Russia & Bolivia Send Aid to Cuba as U.S. Announces New Sanctions, 700 Refugees Rescued Off Coasts of Libya and Malta, New Zealand Apologizes for Anti-Migrant Raids in 1970s, Head of Burmese Military Junta Names Himself Prime Minister, Washington Post: Police Fatally Shot 1,021 People In 2020, Highest in Years, Ecuadorian Father Granted Temporary Reprieve After 2 Years in Connecticut Church, U.S. Olympic Medalist Probed For Displaying “X” Gesture to Protest Oppression, Belarusian Athlete Seeks Political Asylum in Poland’s Embassy in Tokyo, Bread and Puppet Co-Founder Elka Schumann, 85, Dies

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» Headlines for August 2, 2021 | Democracy Now! | Radio Free | https://www.radiofree.org/2021/08/02/headlines-for-august-2-2021/ | 2021-10-24T02:46:58+00:00
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