Headlines for August 20, 2021

Pentagon Boosts U.S. Troop Levels in Kabul as Chaotic Evacuations Follow Taliban Takeover, Taliban Says It Executed Former Islamic State Leader Abu Omar Khorasani, Afghan Youth Soccer Player Zaki Anwari Died in Fall from U.S. Plane Evacuating Kabul Airport, Afghan Immigrants in Greece Demand Sanctuary for Refugees Fleeing Afghanistan, WHO Slams Rich Nations for Offering Booster Shots While Just 2% of Africa’s Population Is Vaccinated, Texas Supreme Court to Allow Schools to Defy Gov. Abbott’s Ban on Mask Mandates, Major Hospital in Port-au-Prince Closes After Gangs Kidnap Doctors, Hampering Earthquake Relief, Rep. Mo Brooks Voices Sympathy for Man Behind Capitol Hill Bomb Threat, Texas House Reaches Quorum After Dems Return to Capitol as Fate of Voting Bill Hangs in Balance, Movement for Black Lives Says Federal Government Worked to Undermine Protest Groups, FTC Asks Court to Compel Facebook to Divest from WhatsApp and Instagram, Biden Admin Cancels Federal Student Loan Debt for Over 300,000 People with Disabilities, R. Kelly’s Doctor Says He’s Had Genital Herpes for Years as Survivor Details Abuse Endured as a Teen, Rain Falls on Greenland’s Highest Peak for First Time on Record Amid Record Temperatures, Extinction Rebellion U.K. Stages Die-in, Blocks Entry to ExxonMobil Facility, Immigrant Justice Groups Protest Reopening of Berks County ICE Jail

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