Headlines for August 23, 2021

Chaos and Desperation Reign at Kabul Airport as Afghans Try to Evacuate Taliban Takeover, Taliban Leader Arrives for Talks in Kabul as Afghans Demand Security and Jobs, U.S. Tops 1,000 Daily COVID-19 Deaths for First Time Since March, Sri Lanka Locks Down for 10 Days Amid Worst COVID-19 Surge of Pandemic, India and Taiwan Roll Out Domestically Produced COVID Vaccines Despite Lack of Trial Data, Death Toll from Tennessee Flash Floods Rises to 22; Hurricane Grace Kills at Least 8 in Mexico, More Than 50 Feared Dead After Boat Carrying Refugees Capsizes En Route to Canary Islands, UNICEF Says Fighting in Syria Is Increasingly Killing Children, Dozens of Palestinians Hurt as Israeli Soldiers Fire on Protesters, Climate Crisis Puts Over 1 Billion Children at “Extremely High Risk” of Extreme Weather, Bolivian Wildfires Scorch Nearly 700,000 Acres as Ranchers and Farmers Drive Deforestation, Mexican Journalists Demand Justice for Slain Radio Reporter Jacinto Romero Flores, VP Harris Kicks Off Southeast Asian Tour in Singapore, Biden Nominates Rahm Emanuel as Ambassador to Japan, Drawing Ire of Progressives, SCOTUS to Weigh Fate of Trump-Era “Remain in Mexico” Policy for Asylum Seekers, California Judge Voids Proposition Exempting Gig Economy Workers from Labor Protections, Lawmakers Call on Biden to Halt Enbridge Line 3 Pipeline as Police Step Up Attacks on Protesters

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