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By Grace Auka Salmang in Port Moresby

Police Commissioner and Controller of the PNG National Pandemic Response David Manning has authorised the release of new measures to address the covid-19 pandemic in the country on the eve of the 46th Independence Day.

Manning said these new measures, which came into effect yesterday, September 15, 2021, had been made in response to the continued threat of covid-19 while “ensuring continuity and normalcy” in life.

The ban on alcohol sales on Friday, Saturday or Sunday nationwide still remains in force.

The key changes are to international and domestic travel as well as social and business.

For international travel, the new measures are:

Domestic travel and social measures have been merged into Measure No. 3 “Domestic Measures”.

Other domestic restrictions continue to apply, including:

Grace Auka Salmang is a PNG Post-Courier reporter.

This content originally appeared on Asia Pacific Report and was authored by APR editor.


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