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An unidentified photojournalist for CBS Denver News was assaulted while on assignment in Denver, Colorado, on March 21, 2022, according to the reporter accompanying him at the time.

Kelly Werthmann, a CBS Denver News anchor, was with the photojournalist and witnessed the assault. Werthmann said in a newscast after the assault that the incident occurred as the photojournalist gathered video footage of the Union Station and the Regional Transportation District bus terminal in downtown Denver.

“While we were out there earlier today, our photographer was simply trying to get video of the area, and that’s when a man, unprovoked, came over and hit him upside the head and threatened to kill him,” Werthmann said.

Werthmann declined a request for comment from the U.S. Press Freedom Tracker but confirmed over email that the photojournalist was not seriously harmed. She also confirmed that no equipment was damaged during the incident, and both continued reporting on their assignments for that day.

According to the outlet, the assault comes after a recent wave of violent incidents surrounding Union Station, including a shooting in the station’s underground bus terminal on March 19.

This content originally appeared on U.S. Press Freedom Tracker: All Incidents and was authored by U.S. Press Freedom Tracker: All Incidents.


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