Headlines for May 13, 2022

White House Marks 1 Million U.S. Deaths from COVID-19, 6 Million Have Fled Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine, with 8 Million Internally Displaced, Rand Paul Delays Senate Vote on $40 Billion Ukraine Aid Bill, Moscow Threatens Finland over Plans to Join NATO, The Guardian: Fossil Fuel Company “Climate Bombs” Risk Planetary Catastrophe, Biden Administration Cancels Oil and Gas Lease Sales in Gulf of Mexico and Alaska, Jan. 6 Committee Subpoenas Five Republican Lawmakers Including Kevin McCarthy, Grand Jury Probes Trump’s Mishandling of Classified Documents, Israeli Forces Assault Funeral Procession for Slain Journalist Shireen Abu Akleh, Israel Approves 4,000 More Illegal Settlement Homes in Occupied West Bank, Chilean Journalist Francisca Sandoval, Shot Covering May Day Rally, Dies of Wounds, Argentine Protesters Reject IMF Debt and Demand Relief from Soaring Prices, North Korea Reports First COVID-19 Death, Sri Lanka Protesters Demand President’s Ouster, Reject New Prime Minister, 11 Dead as Boat Carrying Haitian Asylum Seekers Capsizes Near Puerto Rico, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Suggests Cutting Off Food to Migrant Children, Trump-Nominated Judges Strike Down California Ban on Assault Rifles for Under-21s, Senate Confirms Jerome Powell to Second Term as Federal Reserve Chair, Bernie Sanders Reintroduces Medicare for All Bill, Saying Healthcare Is a Human Right

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