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After just six weeks in Office, the UK Prime Minister, Liz Truss – a Tory – quits. The shortest ever PM in British history. Rumors have it that Boris Johnson, her immediate predecessor – may also be the favored candidate as her successor.

Boris Johnson and Liz Truss. Composite: PA/Getty images

Could well be.

It would be a little-veiled game.

And as usual, no coincidence; not that Boris resigned, not that Liz Truss entered, nor that she resigned after only a short period. And it will not be coincidence if Boris is reelected and stays as British PM up to, or close to, 5 years.

The opposition – Labor – would like to call for new General Elections, but they will be overruled by the Tories’ almost two-thirds majority in Parliament.

Boris Johnson was ideal for the tandem Washington-London on a rampage intent on demolishing Europe via the Russian war with Ukraine. Johnson was the brain, Biden and his hintermen the executioners. And as they were working on dismembering Europe, they also were, with NATO aid, simultaneously attempting to crush Russia.

The illusion of arrogance has no limits.

Britain’s exit from the EU was no coincidence either. It was part of the plan – the plan to act relatively undisturbed outside the EU on the very EU’s destruction. They have Germans, who do the same from inside – Ms. Ursula von der Leyen, (unelected, but appointed) President of the European Commission, former German Defense Minister; and Olaf Scholz, Chancellor of Germany. Among his many high-ranking former political positions, he was Vice Chancellor under Angela Merkel, Minister of Finance and Mayor of Hamburg.

They are both involved from within, destroying Europe economically and socially.

Boris Johnson first lost popularity with the long-drawn-out EU-exit; then with his floppy handling of the “covid crisis” – and a number of intended or not, other crises: An enormous budget deficit, a national debt of about 95% of GDP in 2022, the highest since 1960. An infamously decaying infrastructure throughout the country – as well as other plunders, including a sex-scandal of a senior lawmaker in Johnson’s Government.

When some 50 parliamentarians resigned within 48 hours in protest of the sex-scandal, Johnson resigned in July 2022, in what was considered a non-confidence manifestation.

British General Elections would have been due in January 2025, in a bit over two years. With Boris’ popularity in free fall, even within his own party, the Tories would have had next to no chance to win the elections. The Conservatives have currently about a 3 to 2 majority over Labor.

The British exit from the EU looks increasingly like the precursor to the plan currently being executed. Destroy Europe and “contain” Russia for the benefit of the big One World Order (OWO).

Remember – nothing is coincidence. It fits all into the Great Reset and – interalia – into the UN Agenda 2030. The European Union, a block of 27 countries and half a billion population, would be too unwieldy to control, and does not fit into the OWO’s Command Center.

So, in response to the British crises earlier this year, better get Boris out and replace him temporarily with a “caretaker”. Ms. Liz Truss was a perfect fit for the scheme. She knew exactly what her role was, and she played it as good as she could.

Ms. Truss knew what to do as an immediate measure to earn immediate countrywide criticism, namely reducing taxes for the rich.

The British economy is in a sharp down-turn, losing in August 2022 unexpectedly 0.3% in output, driven by a sharp decline in manufacturing and a small contraction in services, according to the Office for National Statistics recent assessment.

Ms. Truss also knew that under such somber circumstances, certain measures like tax cuts for the rich, are a no-go. She did it anyway – to draw the ire of the public and of her own Parliament, even her Tory colleagues.

Her then newly appointed finance minister, Jeremy Hunt, reversed the decision on the tax cuts for the rich and said that the government will prioritize help for the most vulnerable, referring also to the high inflation of 10.1% in September and projected to rise further until the end of the year. A British recession is in the making.

With all that self-made circus, the time had come for Liz Truss to go. Most media and political analysts predicting on Wednesday 19 October, that her ouster or resignation was not even a “question of days, but of hours”.

Yesterday, 20 October, Liz Truss resigned, “as planned”, leaving the field open for the new – old PM, Boris Johnson. After the Liz Truss disaster, he has gained new popularity. A socio-psychological trick. A majority of Tories want him back. And since the Tories will be Kingmakers – again – Johnson’s re-election is almost assured.

See this.

That means the Washington-London-NATO Trio will be intact again, and able to continue their war game – with economic catastrophes for Europe, and by and large the global north. The key players US, EU and Germany are well aware and play the self-destructive game, as long as they can – or as long as they are allowed to do so by their still slumbering populace.

The visible people on top are following orders, coming silently down through the WEF – instrument of the gigantic Financial-IT Complex (FITC), running the world. Up to end 2019, they did it more or less clandestinely. Since 2020, the beginning of the dictatorial worldwide implementation of the insane covid fear – paralleled by the deadly vaxx-tyranny – this Cult of the Riches has become increasingly visible, hiding behind just a thin “veil of shame”.

If re-elected as PM, Boris and his party’s two-third’s majority would have a good chance to last through another 5 years. Enough time to drive the Elite’s Agenda forward. The proxy-war with Russia could be dragged on for several years – always with an “immediate threat” of turning nuclear. Initiated by Russia, of course.

The UN Agenda 2030 is in full implementation. All behind the curtain of war. Bothing is coincidence. The dots connect. One just has to see them.

The media love to play right along with the propaganda song, keeping people around the (western) globe on their toes, diverted with fear from whatever else is going on behind the scene – in an attempt of completing the Great Cult Reset, including with the WEF’s planned 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR), and the consequential transhumanization.

To 4IR and transhumanization is intimately linked to the rapidly expanding construction of 5G-antennas throughout the western world. Both 4IR and transhumanization depend on a 5G seamless and flawless coverage. The antenna proliferation is hardly visible and even less talked about. Construction often happens at night.

The duo, Biden/Johnson, representing the old but faltering British Empire, supported by an ever-expanding NATO, are hoping to prevail and revive the Empire’s Dream back to reality.

It won’t happen. The Boris tactic of resigning to be re-elected is a clever ploy. But far from enough to face the dawning new world in the East – an era of collaboration and Peace – an era of cooperation and development. Development, as in seeking social balance and equity.

The future is in the East, where the sun rises. The East encompasses already about half the world’s population and a number of existing and emerging associations, like the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), the BRICS-plus, ASEAN, Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), and many more.

The British-American Empire is on its last leg. Never mind the last-ditch Biden/Johnson efforts with NATO backing. Their economy is fake and broke. The economy of the emerging East is solid and real.

The post British PM Liz Truss Exits first appeared on Dissident Voice.

This content originally appeared on Dissident Voice and was authored by Peter Koenig.


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