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Weekend EditionNovember 11, 2022Friday – SundayCounterPunch StaffOur Last ChancePaul StreetTwelve Takes on the Mid-TermsJeffrey St. ClairRoaming Charges: The Search for Intelligent Life in American PoliticsEve OttenbergWorking (and Striking) on the Rai…

Weekend Edition
November 11, 2022
Friday - Sunday

CounterPunch Staff
Our Last Chance
Paul Street
Twelve Takes on the Mid-Terms
Jeffrey St. Clair
Roaming Charges: The Search for Intelligent Life in American Politics
Eve Ottenberg
Working (and Striking) on the Railroad
Ralph Nader
The Most Toxic Place in America: An Interview with Joshua Frank
Dean Baker
The Case for the Trumpers’ Angst
Stephen F. Eisenman
Art Forgeries (and Other Mistaken Identities)
David Rosen
Secrets of an AT&T Scandal
Robert Hunziker
Killing Sharks for Fin Soup
Eric Draitser
Russia Retreats from Kherson
Tony McKenna
All Around are Familiar Faces: Rembrandt and the Portrait of Modernity  
Paul Messersmith-Glavin
An Interview with an Anarchist Comrade from Iran
Vijay Prashad – Zoe Alexandra
Lula Must Save Brazil From Savage Capitalism, Says Federal Deputy Juliana Cardoso
Leonard C. Goodman
Will the US War-for-Profit System Lead to Nuclear Annihilation?
Binoy Kampmark
Micronations: Eccentric and Unthreatening
Tamara Pearson
Why Global News Is Essential For Individual and Social Well Being
Charles Thomson
London Bits: a Passage From India
David Yearsley
Inside Tár
Marc Levy
Quickly, Quickly: The Racket Revisited
Matthew Stevenson
Amtraks Across America: All Aboard With Vladimir Putin
Daniel Warner
Is the Trump Craziness Over?
Kim C. Domenico
Is Self-Interest Key to Saving the Local?
Sarah Anderson
This Year Voters Made an End Run Around Out of Touch Politicians
W. T. Whitney
Bolivia’s Socialist Government Confronts Separatist, Racist Uprising 
Ron Jacobs
Black Women, Communism and the USA
John Kendall Hawkins
Tiny Bubbles From the Permafrost: An Interview with Ecologist Katey Walter Anthony
David Carrier
Art World Life: Learning from Jerry Saltz’s Art is life
Robert Koehler
Looking for Victory Beyond the Election
Alfred de Zayas
Peace as a Human Right
Dan Bacher
California Oil Refiners Post Record Profits
Ajamu Baraka
For Black Working Class Midterms Mean Nothing
Mike Garrity
Help Stop Massive, Destructive Clearcuts on Yellowstone National Park’s Border
Kelly Denton-Borhaug
The Intolerable Price You Pay
Norman Solomon
The Biden Albatross
J.D. Scrimgeour
The Overstuffed Storage Locker: Doug Anderson’s Undress, She Said

November 10, 2022

Patrick Cockburn
Every Time Biden Defies Expectations, Trump’s Strength Weakens
Linda Pentz Gunter
Poland Goes Nuclear
Pedro Marin
After Victory, What Will Lula’s Foreign Policy Look Like?
Vijay Prashad
Japan’s Discomfort in the New Cold War
Ramzy Baroud - Romana Rubeo
The ‘Principal Threat’: Time to Talk about the Palestinian Class Struggle
Ramzy Baroud
‘Nothing Works’: Europe Must Stop Blaming Others for Its Own Crises
Dean Baker
How the Inflation Reduction Act May Transform the Corporate Income Tax
Lee Camp
The Most Evil Company in the World?
Cesar Chelala
Deal Between Israel and Lebanon Could Usher in Additional Agreements
Jonah Raskin
Cannabis Crop Report, 2022

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