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In another 50 years China will be stronger, and by that time the Chinese Communist Party will be a hundred years old. The United States will surely be envious and ill-intentioned, but it doesn’t dare attack China, not even with a single bullet. It will research germ contamination. That is immoral. After it finishes with this unconscionable deed, imperialism will self-destruct.

— Mao Zedong, 毛主席50年前的预言 (Chairman Mao’s 50 Years Ago Prophecy), 1 July 1971, p 520

In Britain, 26 December is Boxing Day. However far more importantly it is the birthday of Mao Zedong, who would have been 129 years old. Mao was a brilliant leader, a poet, a military talent (although trained as a teacher not a soldier), and a keen observer and analyst of world affairs although he practically never left China. Comrade Mao’s selected works comprise a mere five volumes (much of his writing was lost during more than thirty years of war in China. However, there is much to amaze when one considers the almost universal defamation to which he has been subjected in the West. Reading Mao’s writing is particularly instructive because this work is also an astute lesson in how to read politics. That is a skill rarely exhibited in the Anglo-American Empire. Regardless of rank or station ignorance, mendacity and insincerity prevail on the plantation.

On one hand the field still seems at the mercy of those “house negroes” described in part 3. On the other the city never sleeps. New disappointments and embarrassments (putting it mildly) are reported by the hour (or however often the news cycle repeats these days).

So are we surprised that the P*OTUS (there are other words besides president that come to mind) declines to declassify records pertaining to the murder of John F Kennedy? What basis was there for great expectations to the contrary? At some point, maybe not in my lifetime, expectations might be replaced by unconditional demands.

As I suggested in numerous articles previously, any progress in the effort to obtain something like full disclosure would require adoption of a critical patriotism that recognises the nearly three centuries of bad faith that have driven the American Empire and takes responsibility for ending it. Until today only foreigners have spent their lives for America. Hardly any Americans have. Is that cynicism, ignorance or cowardice? The civil rights movement was only possible because the regime could not fight independence movements abroad without the complacency at home.

Now when the US is potentially at its most vulnerable — when pushing back against the oligarchy might actually achieve something the 4th Great Awakening (aka Wokism) has the nominally educated attacking the last scraps of liberty that made the US more than just another rich white man’s country. Ignorantly and cynically they claim to oppose white supremacy (or global warming) while defending the most stridently racist politicians and oligarchs the US has ever spawned.

I had to read the Scarlet Letter in school. Our teachers had no clue how to read (and today they still don’t). However Hawthorne captured the essence of American political culture, infused with the religious fanaticism that fueled the Thirty Years War. Pupils are taught to admire Mark Twain but not to read him, let alone understand what he wrote.

Mr Biden, a DuPont lackey and petty gangster, obviously did not decide anything with what little is left between his ears. (Give me Nixon any day!) Agnew had to quit for what amounted to parking tickets in comparison. It is frankly disgusting that anyone should even admit having actually cast a vote for this pedophile. He cannot even claim he is just a priest.

The Kennedy file (what there is of it) will only be declassified when the regime that controls those archives is no more.

Another burner which is still being used to torch the traces of pluralism still floating where the wreckage of ancient immigrant optimism sank in 1947 is the blow torch of parochialism that passes for political philosophy.

While it is attractive to draw on the literature analysing the NS-era. It is rare that someone in the English-speaking world is sufficiently versed in history or political-economy to adequately place the NS regime (a militarised form of Fabianism) in the proper historical context not merely in the terms of poorly understood Marxism.

I say that because the chimeric Left — the pwogs young and old — perpetuate this practice often with copious citations from real and unreal Marxists. This is possible because unlike Europe before 1947, the US neutralised all its popular Marxist intellectuals and popular organisations where ordinary people actually learned to read Marx and others.

The easiest place to begin is with the absurd discussions about Antifa. One author recently called this US gang a military response to fascism..

If the writers in the Alt-Media were better informed they would know the roots of Antifa. This armed propaganda element is modelled on a group formed in Germany during the 80s, most likely with the same funding as that provided to the so-called Neo-Nazis they pretended to fight. The German neo-Nazi groups were found to be composed almost entirely of off-duty political police whose job it was to agitate with the unwitting help of mainly unemployed youth and workers. Like various Gladio actions these Neo-Nazi/ Antifa shows served to promote de-politicisation and to bait both nationalists opposed to US occupation and leftists opposed to the real Nazis that the US installed and maintained behind Konrad Adenauer’s reactionary screen (and whose progeny form the cadre of the Green, SPD and CDU parties today).

In other words “antifa” is not nor was it ever “antifascist”, despite its name. Just as so many American “Maoists” and “Trots” were never even communists but pseudo-sectarians whose activities were coordinated by intellectual gangsters like Irving Kristol. These pseudo-extremists divided the Left and discredited serious political activity. This was one of the main criticisms raised by Malcolm as well as the BPP — this style of extremist infiltration by academically trained intelligence (red squad) assets.

The current Antifa (they did not even bother to change the German brand name) is an armed propaganda element based on the counter-terror program in the CIA’s Phoenix system. It is an asset of the fascist intelligence organisation that constitutes the core of the US executive branch (executive in the literal sense).

So many writers suffer from a failure to appreciate the differences while grasping too readily at apparent similarities. These comparisons with the NS era are not unwarranted but they only make sense when one places the NSDAP in the context of British and American anti-communism, British antagonism toward Russia (and Germany) in any form, and the determination of the Allies to use the Anti-Comintern Pact to crush nationalism and socialism in Russia and China, as they had in Spain.

They are misguided or insincere. If they were sincere they might recognise that by attacking the patriotic working class- many of whom are veterans- they are pulling the only teeth the American people have with which to bite their exploiters.

One can only conclude that they want to attack the American working class using paramilitary propaganda like Antifa (really Klan style) and psychological warfare to “wham” the very people whose contradictory patriotism and piety is probably the last bastion of the good that Jefferson intended when he wrote the 1776 declaration.

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