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Overstep of Israel’s Supporters

In community devastation, destruction of the Palestinian people ranks with the most severe. A group of foreign people invaded a land, seized property and resources from native people, expelled a mass of the population, and oppressed and controlled the remaining inhabitants. After decades of suffering under extreme oppression, with no end in sight, with oppressors […]

The post Overstep of Israel’s Supporters first appeared on Dissident Voice.

In community devastation, destruction of the Palestinian people ranks with the most severe. A group of foreign people invaded a land, seized property and resources from native people, expelled a mass of the population, and oppressed and controlled the remaining inhabitants. After decades of suffering under extreme oppression, with no end in sight, with oppressors who could live as well in other places, the destruction of the Palestinian people has unique qualities that defy rational thought. Only those who are inattentive to the situation, are genocide deniers, or have agendas that preclude recognition, cannot realize that the willful destruction of the Palestinian people requires magnitudes more attention than it is receiving.

Compounding the defiance of rational thought, those responsible for the covert method of the genocide, which is the denial of ontological security to the Palestinian people, continually promote attention to a previous genocide and highlight, by exaggeration, attacks on their community. Inordinate attention to the World War II genocide has not halted other genocides and cannot resurrect those killed. Proper attention can halt the ongoing Palestinian genocide and save the lives of a population of millions.

Highlighting of mostly verbal attacks on the Jewish community has been counterproductive and failed to halt anti-Jewish sentiment. The latter feelings partially arise from those who oppose the role that a great part of world Jewry plays in the destruction of the Palestinians and from those who are chagrined by the continuous attempts of Israel’s supporters to play victim. Excessive attentions to the World War II genocide and exaggerations of anti-Jewish expressions enhance ontological genocide of the Palestinian people:

  • Zionists have been successful in using the World War II genocide and exaggerated claims of anti-Jewish sentiments to convince the U.S. public and its legislators that groups want to destroy the Jewish people and Israel. For that reason, Jewish people and Israel need special consideration and more adequate defense.
  • Palestinian supporters have been unable to coordinate methods that counter pro-Israel strategies that are destroying the Palestinian community.
  • The world is observing an ongoing ontological genocide and nobody has been taken to task for committing the egregious acts. In addition to the Israeli population and their leaders, there are multitudes of Israel supporters who actively support the genocide, who are accessories to abominable crimes, and are not countered and subdued.

Overstep of Israel’s Supporters

Proper attention to the three previous statements, grasping their substance, and reacting to their meanings provides a lifeline to the struggling Palestinians. If supporters of the Palestinian cause recognize that the Zionists have overreached their use of the Holocaust and spurious charges of anti-Semitism and take advantage of the collapse of the Zionist thrust, the Palestinian fate can change; they can take command of the narratives. The following discussion leads to the reason for the assertion.

Exaggerated claims of anti-Jewish bias.
In 2021, the anti-Defamation League (ADL) tabulated 2,717 anti-Semitic incidents throughout the United States, a 34% increase from the 2,026 incidents tabulated in 2020. ADL inflates the figures and its thrust is insensible.

As an example, the Goyim Defense League distributed 91 flyers stating, “Jews own the media and a Jewish mafia has hijacked our country.” The ADL counts each of the 91 flyers as a separate incident. Similar duplication occurs when juvenile delinquents topple several gravestones, although no proof exists that the juveniles intentionally targeted a Jewish cemetery. When a person called one hundred Jewish organizations with the same bomb threat, even when the person was an adolescent Israeli Jew, the ADL listed each of the hundred threats as a separate anti-Semitic occurrence.

By Jewish Telegraph Agency
April 23, 2017

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Israel’s Justice Ministry reportedly has denied a U.S. Justice Department request to extradite the Israeli-American teen charged with making threats against Jewish community centers throughout the United States. The teen from Ashkelon in southern Israel, who was arrested in Israel last month for making over 100 threats against Jewish sites in the U.S., has been named in the United States, but cannot be named in reports originating from Israel. Channel 2 News reported Saturday night that the teen said during interrogations in Israel that he had offered his “threat services” for payment.

Other spurious statistics include inclusion of swastikas markings, which could be for any reason, and hate expressions by adolescents, pranksters, and juvenile delinquents in schools. Having teenagers behave in rebellious and contradictory manners is not unusual. Inclusion of their behavior in statistics is unwarranted.

An example of an exaggerated anti-Jewish incident. The headline reads:
Antisemitic vandalism discovered along Bethesda Trolley Trail
Ivy Lyons | moc.potwnull@snoyli, August 8, 2022

Why is this expression of white power considered anti-Semitic? It does not mention Jews and is obviously directed against African Americans. The commentator usurps an attack on the African American community, as if that community does not exist, which is racist by itself.

The 2021 ADL reports eight violent crimes that involved a weapon. Some of these occurred at violent demonstrations, after Israel’s war with Gaza, and none developed into a serious injury. Carrying the ADL report to an extreme, if one person printed and distributed 3000 anti-Jewish flyers, and that is all that happened, the ADL would publish, “anti-Semitism has reached greatest heights.”

For what reason does the ADL seek to continually inflate hate crimes? Possible reasons are due to the ADL being in the business of selling hate statistics, owing its livelihood to the existence of hate crimes, and feeding its audience what they want to hear. The more prominent reason is convincing others that rising hate can spill into mass violence and result in another Holocaust for the Jewish people.

Every hate crime directed toward a particular group or ethnicity has to be reasoned, examined, caused, and studied as a guide for providing solutions to hate crimes. The ADL does not engage in finding solutions; it engages in finding statistics, inflating the severity, advertising the data, and inflaming the communities. Instead of berating law enforcement for not reducing hate crimes, the ADL berates law enforcement for supplying incomplete data. The spurious and loaded ADL reports are widely circulated and appear in public institutions, government conversations, newspaper articles, newspaper editorials, and across the Internet.

President Biden added unwarranted solemnity to a festive holiday by saying, “This year’s Hanukkah arrives in the midst of rising and emboldened antisemitism at home — and quite frankly, around the world. I recognize your fear, your hurt, your worry that this vile and venom is becoming too normal.” The president added: “I will not be silent. America will not be silent.”

The Washington Post repeats the script, with almost the same words, and adds to the warnings.
Antisemitism casts darkness amid Hanukkah lights, by Laura Meckler, Michael Brice-Saddler and Allison Klein, December 18, 2022

As the first night of Hanukkah, known as the Festival of Lights, arrived Sunday, Jews across the region were also contending with darkness — a surge of antisemitic incidents that have left many feeling vulnerable and even frightened.

In recent days, the words “Jews Not Welcome” defaced an entrance sign at Walt Whitman High School in Bethesda.  On Saturday, xxx and three other Jewish students from Walt Whitman received a schoolwide email about the vandalism at their school. On the spot, they formed a group called Jews4Change and began planning a walkout of classes on Thursday. xxx, whose grandfather is a Holocaust survivor, said one of their goals is to push Montgomery County schools to include more Holocaust education in the curriculum.

Local Television station WUSA9 received a communication from the same student.

Ninth-grade student xxx at Walt Whitman reached out to WUSA9 after receiving an email from her principal regarding the incident.  She claims the graffiti comes directly after a school lesson on the Holocaust. xxx said a petition for the Holocaust lesson was started after Jewish students at the school began noticing their other classmates genuinely did not know what it was. “People are forgetting and it’s scary because if you don’t remember what happened, history repeats itself,” said xxx.

Inspect the reports and narratives and see how hate incidents that are ingrained in racist and violent America, not unique to a particular community, and a subset of crimes that occur in all communities — Black, Oriental, Catholic, Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, Arabic, Jewish and others — are exaggerated in intensity (emboldened anti-Semitism, surge of incidents), develop spurious recitations (“I recognize your fear, your hurt, your worry that this vile and venom is becoming too normal,” “left many feeling vulnerable and even frightened”), become sidetracked into special attention for one community, and evolve into “push Montgomery County schools to include more Holocaust education in the curriculum.”

No inquiries as to why someone wrote the words, “Jews Not Welcome” on an entrance sign at Walt Whitman High School. Because the incident occurred soon after a school lesson on the Holocaust and “a petition for the Holocaust lesson was started after Jewish students at the school began noticing their other classmates genuinely did not know what it was,” maybe a person became emotionally distressed at the constant attention to a decades old Holocaust that did not involve Americans and received special consideration apart from the history curriculum? Wouldn’t Native Americans, African Americans, Armenian Americans, Palestinian Americans, and a host of other American minorities who previously suffered or now suffer from mass destruction react unfavorably to one genocide receiving special attention, especially when constant and bludgeoning recitations have served no purpose except to gain support for Israel?

Placing the words, “Jews Not Welcome” on an entrance sign is extreme, but I witnessed equally extreme events at public schools — intentional scatterings of the Diary of Anne Frank on school desks and gathering students in the library to choose general biographies and then presenting biographies in which seven out of the ten biographies discussed personalities from the World War II Holocaust. One librarian showed her ignorance of the topic by referring to Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg as a Nazi officer who helped the Jews.

The Free Darfur movement, accused of allied with Israeli interests due to Sudan’s enmity toward Israel, organized public school demonstrations against Sudan for purported genocide. Local synagogues advertised the action. Demonstrations that regarded the genocides in Rwanda, Myanmar, Southern Sudan, and Palestine have not occurred. Is it a coincidence that Sudan, not a well-known country to most students, was uniquely selected because of its aggressive attitude towards Israel?

In the scope of world problems, these incidents seem trivial. Not so; the reporting of these incidents provide an avenue for those favoring peace and justice in the Levant to usurp control of the narrative from the supporters of apartheid Israel.

Palestinian Supporters Can Gain Control of the Narrative

Isn’t it time and isn’t it valid for public school parents, students, teachers, and administrators to question and challenge the World War II Holocaust  being taught as a separate part of the history curriculum? Doesn’t special emphasis on a genocide that occurred in a foreign nation lessen the effects of the teachings of the genocide of the Native Americans and slavery of the African-Americans, for which Americans had responsibility? Should not Parent Teacher Associations (PTA) and school administrations consider this contradiction in lesson plans?

Remarks reveal the lack of substance and disorientation attached to Holocaust teaching. Zionist related organizations, such as the Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC), provide trips for history teachers and students to visit the Holocaust memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. Teachers return home with these comments:

If we don’t remember what happened, all of those people died in vain,” said a social studies teacher from Fergus Falls, who toured the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington with students last week. “If we remember them, we’re honoring their lives and families and the suffering they endured.”

“I’ve seen kids listen to a survivor relate their story and explode out of the desk at the end and want to give them a hug. I’ve seen kids openly cry in a high school classroom. It’s just amazing what you see.”

Are these the lessons of a holocaust that we want teachers and students to have — emotional upheavals, and traumas from observing traumas? Don’t we want them to have clear-minded thoughts for preventing other genocides? Are people who died in a particular tragedy worth more attention than those who died in other tragedies during World War II (consider American soldiers and their families) and in other conflagrations?

More interesting and valuable to students is gaining knowledge of contemporary events. If total destruction of a community is an essential topic, why approach it with second and third hand lectures on a community destruction that has already occurred, is vague because it is not related to present life, and cannot be undone? Why not approach it with first hand discussions by people involved in a real live genocide, which is not vague, where Americans have a stake, and can be prevented?

The World War II and ongoing Palestinian genocides have similar roots and patterns. Both proceed from virulent nationalism, from a desire to establish a nation of pure and unique folk, and from annexation of territories administered by another state or group on the grounds of common ethnicity or prior historical possession. Nazis initially ethnically cleansed by making lives of German Jews difficult, which forced the German Jews to sell property and leave; Zionists have been less subtle; they threw out the Palestinians and seized their properties. In both cases, ghetto conditions and laws restricted movements and livelihoods of the oppressed peoples. The subdued ethnicity is considered an enemy that must be forcibly restrained. German Jews had Kristallnacht. Every night is Kristallnacht in Palestine.

Specific roots and patterns allied to a fanatical government, and not hate slogans scribbled on a wall and perpetrated by a few fanatics, signal a potential genocide. Americans do not need study of a decades old and wartime Holocaust that talks of deceased Jewish people; today’s  Americans, including Jews, need lessons in the genocide that Zionists are committing against the living Palestinian people, in the plight of the Rohingya, in the desperation of the Yemenis.

Regardless of the outcome in modifying public school curriculum to address the issue of genocide, massively bringing the issue to public awareness will greatly strengthen the Palestinian cause. The issue will be heard throughout the United States — in public schools, colleges, institutions, and state legislatures. It will be a game changer, those who have blindly accepted the Zionist narrative will feel betrayed and change their attitudes, and those passively allied with the Palestinian narrative will become more active.

Reaction by ADL and the myriad of pro-Israel associations will be the usual world – anti-Semite. Preparation for countering the remark, making its misuse distasteful, and moving it to a rightful place of obscurity by replacing it with the correct term, anti-Jewish, can be a by-product of the offensive that enables Palestinian supporters to gain control of the narrative.

Countering Charges of anti-Semitism

Statistics, derived from reports that contain mostly verbal, passive, and non-violent abuses are a subdued presentation of the serious problem of hate in America. The presentation points to problems with a few embittered people, but does not address the problems generated by mass audiences, which result from denial of basic rights. The mechanisms and manifestations of serious hate have economic, social, and political roots and proceed with one objective – deny power to others and gain power for your group. Acquiring economic power, protecting it with political clout, and using the latter to legislate social domination move chauvinist groups to physically and orally attack competitors, real and imagined,

Discussion of hate in America is too complex and laborious to be part of this article. Challenging false and exaggerated charges of anti-Semitism encourages a more complete study of hate crimes, invigorates extensive research into its origins and causes, and leads to proposals for reduction. The challenge demands adequate replies to questions and accusations, with more than the word anti-Semitism, often coupled with words, such as canard, trope, slur, hurtful, and stereotype. Evangelist, Catholic, Mormon, Muslim, and other religious groups are attacked, big style, for real or imagined practices and, they either keep quiet, or, when they can answer, defend themselves with documented evidence.

Setting in motion a strategy for Palestinian supporters to gain control of the narrative and successfully countering charges of anti-Semitism enables the moral and legal systems to bring the oppressors’ supporters to justice.

Bringing the Oppressors to Justice

How is it possible that those who commit and assist in an obvious ontological genocide are not brought to justice? The ontological genocide is well documented, not controversial, and beyond discussion. Efforts are being made to criminalize the BDS movement, a movement that attempts to limit criminal actions, while those committing the criminal actions wander free and unimpeded in their criminal actions.

It may be difficult for the International Criminal Court (ICC) to indict and bring to justice criminals in Israel and the United States who directly and indirectly participate in the genocide, but legal and moral actions can be taken against these groups and individuals. The actions need a huge following and a loud voice, which make the previous recommendations more significant — obtaining control of the narrative and successfully countering charges of anti-Semitism create the numbers and loud voices that enable the actions to be widely heard. The U.S. has unregistered agents for Israel, who do not operate for Israel’s commercial interests, but aid and abet Israel’s death machine and they escape the U.S. legal system. Remind Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken of this fact, the next time he utters, “Perpetrators must face equal justice under the law.”


Start at the grassroots of the American system, with students, parents, and educators intimately involved in challenging activities that hinder understanding the calamities facing others, evolve into exposing the use of racial hatred statistics to favor a particular ethnicity, and finally force the legal system to address the illegal activities that enable Zionist crimes, and a path to Palestinian liberation is provided. Hopefully, this call to action will be widely circulated, widely heeded, and widely addressed.

Hopefully, it will not repeat a previous shocking failure, the inaction in rallying historians and sensible and patriotic institutions to challenge the spurious and shameful PBS documentary: America and the Holocaust. This documentary, previously discussed in “PBS Spurious Narrative of America and the Holocaust,” revealed the PBS attempt to give Americans a “guilt trip,” and rally support for the Zionist cause. Another failure to expose the Zionist subterfuge will be catastrophic, showing that the rightful pro-Palestinian cause has limited strength to counter the Zionist aggression. If effective action is not taken, it can be assumed that the destruction of the Palestinian community, which has engulfed several generations and proceeded uninterrupted for more than seventy years, will continue and prove fatal. The lack of response to proposals in this article will, unfortunately, provide an answer to a previous question, “Are the Palestinians Doomed?

The post Overstep of Israel’s Supporters first appeared on Dissident Voice.

This content originally appeared on Dissident Voice and was authored by Dan Lieberman.

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