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The Republican-controlled Montana House of Representatives voted Wednesday to censure the state’s first and only openly transgender lawmaker, Zooey Zephyr, banning her from the House floor and forbidding her from speaking, a week after Zephyr delivered a searing condemnation of a bill that would ban gender-affirming healthcare for youth. Zephyr will only be able to cast votes remotely for the remainder of the legislative session. We speak to Zephyr about the spate of anti-trans bills that target trans youth across the country and how “far-right” legislatures like Montana’s are attempting to “silence those who are holding them accountable.”

This content originally appeared on Democracy Now! and was authored by Democracy Now!.


[1] Zooey Zephyr, Montana‚Äôs First Trans Lawmaker, Speaks Out After Being Banned & Silenced by Republicans | Democracy Now! ➤