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On the same day U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken visited Kyiv to announce $1 billion in new U.S. aid to Ukraine, 17 Ukrainians were killed in a Russian missile attack on a Donetsk market. “It’s very painful for me to see all the streets and cities that I spent my childhood in to be completely destroyed by the ongoing war,” says Hanna Perekhoda, Ukrainian historian from the Donetsk region on a speaking tour of the U.S. calling for an end to the war by driving out Putin’s occupation. “If we let Russian authoritarians win, it will mean that the authoritarian forces also in our countries, in the U.S., for example, will grow stronger.” Perekhoda is joined on the speaking tour by Russian historian Ilya Budraitskis, who agrees that this war is about Putin’s regime maintaining its power. “This criminal war is not just a war against Ukraine. It’s a war of the Russian regime against its own society,” says Budraitskis.

This content originally appeared on Democracy Now! and was authored by Democracy Now!.


[1] Ukrainian & Russian Activists on How Putin’s War Emboldens “Authoritarian Forces” Around the World | Democracy Now! ➤