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The $64,000 question, especially for all you baby boomers out there, is when exactly did we become a Banana Republic? One should realize that the power of money has always tainted our electoral system. This is why the Super Rich have maintained their position of controlling who rules this empire. Sadly, it seems forever it has been “money talks.” As with the continual rapid decline of our environment, so it mirrors that of our drowning of democracy. Folks, there is NO democracy here!

It seems each election cycle sees more and more private money infecting our political system. How can any Third Party have even a snails chance of catching the Two Party/One Party rabbits? The goal for electoral office success is to either have $ zillions or suck up to those who do. What you get is what we got folks… for too long: politicians voting in the interest of their super rich patrons. Then, when there is even a hair of a chance to counteract this, we have a Supreme Court that does the continued bidding of you know who. Some of these “voted in for life” robe wearers don’t even care to hide their gifts from the Magi anymore. They take the handouts from their wealthy sponsors with no conscience!

The foolish reason why so many working stiff Americans align themselves with a con man like Donald Trump is simple. Trump sold them the bill of goods that he was NOT adherent to the Super Rich, when he really was, as he himself was one of the Super Rich. His mantra of the Deep State and The Swamp being his mortal enemies still continues to scam mega millions of his supporters. Meanwhile, the Democrats push all their chips and go “all in” to stop him. Their phony progressive media (MSNBC ,CNN and NPR) avoid issues working stiffs need to be addressed including sincere debate about phony wars. Instead, they focus mostly on identity politics, a woman’s right to choose and gay rights, which are in themselves vital. How many times must I channel surf and see another right wing neo con talking head as a guest on MSNBC or CNN. As long as the person hates Trump, he or she receives the plaudits from the show’s host.

In any Banana Republic the formula is basically the same. First you have the predominate party, which is always Neo Fascist. Then, you have the (loyal) opposition which is from a center-right or actually right-wing position. In our Chiquita country the Neo Fascist Republican Party calls Biden and his party Marxists, while some of the really off the radar Republicans use the Commie label. Imagine how “banana” we have fallen to see this being waved at us through our embedded-in-empire media. Disgraceful! Yet, the dumbing down of our education system for the past 50 years has been so successful, hasn’t it? We are nothing more than a mass of consumers and electronic gadget carrying spectators to our own execution. Bush Junior, the war criminal who sits at Texas Rangers games while he is not at his ranch painting pictures, told the public right after 9/11 to just “Go on vacation or go shopping.” God forbid he advised us to really look into what transpired that day to see the bitter truth of what a Banana Republic is capable of.

Image credit: Nadja Maril.

This content originally appeared on Dissident Voice and was authored by Philip A. Faruggio.


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