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Liberating the Palestinians

The daily grind of atrocities committed on the Palestinian people continues with one trajectory ─ extinction as a people and realignment into disbursed communities. Civil protests against the destruction, heroic actions by confrontation with the oppressor, dedication to the concepts of justice and freedom, and physical and monetary sacrifices by millions of people in the […]

The post Liberating the Palestinians first appeared on Dissident Voice.

The daily grind of atrocities committed on the Palestinian people continues with one trajectory ─ extinction as a people and realignment into disbursed communities. Civil protests against the destruction, heroic actions by confrontation with the oppressor, dedication to the concepts of justice and freedom, and physical and monetary sacrifices by millions of people in the world have not deterred the killing machine from its proscribed purpose. Much is said of what is being done to the Palestinians; less is said of what needs to be done for the Palestinians and prevent their genocide. Are the Palestinians doomed?

Two difficulties that confronted the Palestinians during the British Mandate were:

(1)    They were not sufficiently prepared to react to the organizational ability and duplicity of the adversarial Zionists, and
(2)    They had no central authority to guide them.

Neither difficulty has been resolved and both exist today.

No matter the atrocity committed, Israel’s well-placed supporters have plans for action to any reactions. The organized and well-received campus demonstrations protested U.S. government support for Israel’s slaughter of Gazans and were countered by discrimination complaints from a few well-placed students, by media changing the naturally charged demonstrations into artificially charged anti-Semitic rants, and by a hastily arranged House Committee investigation into the artificial charges. University presidents fell into the “anti-Semitism” trap and their errant responses showed a lack of knowledge of how to recognize duplicity and how to protect against it. Preventing mass killings of people in Gaza was no longer an important endeavor. Focus changed to one Jewish student claiming anti-Semitism; he did not feel confident when walking to class.

The conventional and unscrupulous media replayed, replayed, and replayed the October 7 attack so it became a multiplier effect and served to conveniently change the dialogue from oppression of the Palestinians to defense of Israel, and reboot the conflict so that it started from the Autumn day. The 75 last years and its tears no longer had any role in analyzing the conflict; that conflict ended and a new conflict started when Hamas attacked Israeli civilians.

The demonstrations, misinformation corrections, enlightening articles, YouTube podcasts, and Zoom meetings that feature masses dedicated to seeking justice for the Palestinians from the river to the sea serve good purposes. However, they lack the essentials of managed expression, efficient use of resources, complementary activities, combined planning, unified strategy, and, most importantly, ability to acquire and distribute huge amounts of funds for large undertakings in place of small amounts of funds for small endeavors. Efforts are duplicated, resources are wasted, harmony is lacking, organizations compete for funds, and conflagrations become dying embers. Each tomorrow is a new day of oppression and lacks continuation of the past to a new level of strategically placed advancement. The principal effect has been to augment awareness and convert the misinformed to a proper understanding of the situation. An ever-increasing number of faithful rally and dialogue together but they cannot rally those who can change the distorted dialogues and modify the perilous situation.

These are facts and perceptions of the elements in the structures that combat the carefully prepared and disciplined structures the Zionists created to pursue their objectives. Understanding the problems facing those struggling to liberate the Palestinians from oppression is the preliminary step in learning how to work around the problems and devise a meaningful strategy. The realization leads to optimism. It is impossible that the most blatant genocide in human history, the ugliness that Israel shows to a world audience, the terrible fate that faces the world as the genocide unfolds, and the deception done to the Jewish community, its identification with the genocide, will result in an ultimate and disastrous conclusion. The pain will be great and the entire world will overdose on Fentanyl.

The genocide has had only one direction ─ toward fulfillment. Without planned, coordinated, and effective strategies that reverse the direction, can the destruction be halted? Start with thoughts, recommendations, and procedures that, hopefully, can evolve into effective strategies and change a tale of lamentations to a story of glorious rescue.


Developing a single central authority that governs actions and fund distributions is preferred but is too complex and will meet resistance from independent organizations, which are the principal drivers of the protests. Organizations, each with a paid staff and voluntary cadres, and each having a specific purpose are an acceptable alternative to managing the strategy. Hundreds of millions of the world’s people from every continent can be accessed to support these organizations. Some organizational recommendations.


Legal: Initiates lawsuits and seeks changes in laws.
Fundraising: Raises large amounts of funds and authorizes distribution of the funds for activities. Managed and staffed by the most respected, credible, and trusted people.
Information source: Gathers information from several sources and makes it available to others.
Legislative: Constructs Political Action Committees (PACS) that steer voters away from pro-Israel candidates and lobby government officials.
Media access: Issues news reports, opinions, and articles to a wide range of media.
Talking points: Provides instant access for rebuttals to misinformation.
Protests and Demonstrations: Suggests and assists protests and demonstrations so they are efficient, react quickly to events, and complement one another.
Recruiting: Solicits volunteers for each activity.
Publicity and advertising: Provides media and public with information on activities.

Talking points

Articulation of responses to outrageous reports and comments can benefit from a distribution of “talking points,” especially important for new generations who do not have historical knowledge. One example is answering the frequent reference to Jews as a people who always had a nation and deserve a nation, and framing Palestinians as an artificial construct.

The Jews are not a people. People share a common language, culture, ethnicity, descent, and history. Religion plays no role. Unless they demonstrate to each other that they observe the same religion, two Jews sitting in a café, one from Sweden and the other from Italy, would have no awareness of any commonality. If it were otherwise, why has Israel given its Jews the scaffolding of a new nation by giving them a common language, culture, descent, and history, and rejecting their previous languages, cultures, and histories? Should Mormons and Mennonites be classified as people? Proof positive! No matter where they live, Chinese, most of whom have no religion, are always identified as Chinese, due to skin tone, common language, and common culture.

The Palestinians are Arab people from the Levant. Post-World War I separation of the Levant Arabs into Lebanon, Syria, and the Palestine Mandate sub-titled the Arabs who lived in the common area of the Mandate as Palestinians. They were always a people and now are known as the Palestinian people.

Dual Citizenship and Immigration

Israel’s greatest weapon, even more than its military might, is infiltration into Western nations — controlling the information flow, skewing the dialogue, lobbying elected officials, and gaining intelligence

In 2010, the FBI uncovered and deported 10 unregistered Russian agents living in the U.S. as ordinary citizens and engaged in harmless activities, such as meeting people in high places to influence their attitudes and reporting American views on foreign and domestic affairs to Moscow. Multiply the number of discovered Russian agents by tens of thousands and you will have the number of Israeli expatriates in the U.S., many of whom take the opportunity to do the same for Israel, become U.S. citizens, and vote for Israel-friendly candidates. Forty years ago, synagogues refused to display the Israeli flag; after years of Israel’s infiltrators gaining positions, most synagogues display the Star of David.

A great number of Israelis have migrated to the U.S. and other Western nations in the last decades and formed a massive propaganda organization that steers Westerners to favor Israel. Israeli government ministries and the Los Angeles-based Israeli American Council, which represents Israelis across the United States and promotes their interests, estimate between 500,000 and 800,000 Israelis live in the U.S., about 150,000 live in the New York area, 120,000 in Los Angeles, and 80,000 in Miami. What are the more important voting areas in the United States? New York, California, and Florida are significant. American-Israeli dual citizens can shape the ballot in those regions and may have done that in the disputed 2000 presidential election.

This immigration needs an intensive investigation. Exposing the schemes, identifying the culprits, seeking lawsuits against the violators, and petitioning for new laws that restrict dual citizenship and guard against knavery and trickery are the most necessary activities for combatting the Israeli threat.


Large and fixed demonstrations remain confined in an area and do not confront the populace. The media gives them minimum coverage. Divide some of the larger demonstrations into hundreds of smaller walking demonstrations, activists strolling miles and miles along main boulevards and through highly populated areas. Many more people will become aware of the perilous situation.

Directed Protests

Protests directed against embassies, consulates, institutions, and media that support Israel or pedal the pro-Israel agitprop have not occurred and could have strategic significance. German embassies and consulates, representatives of a democratic country that committed genocide against the African Herero people, the African Nama people, and European Jews, and now aids and abets in the genocide of the Palestinians; British embassies and consulates, representatives of a democratic country that committed massacres in Ireland, Africa, and Asia, and now aids and abets in the genocide of the Palestinians; and the United States embassies and consulates, representatives of a democratic country that committee genocide against the indigenous Americans and slaved African peoples, and now aids and abet in the genocide of the Palestinians should be targeted to reveal their involvements and for their hypocrisies.

Germany insists its present population make amends for previous genocides in which they had no involvement and instructs them to participate in the Palestinian genocide. Advocacy groups from 12 British Commonwealth countries asked King Charles III to “acknowledge the horrific impacts on and legacy of genocide and colonization of the indigenous and enslaved peoples.” The U.S., on International Holocaust Remembrance Day, respects the destruction of a foreign people in a foreign country and has no equivalent day of respect for the indigenous peoples it destroyed. Nobody asks why is an International Remembrance Day reserved for the tragedy of one ethnicity and does not include the tragedies of many other genocides. Isn’t that an insult to the other ethnicities and their descendants?

Think tanks, educational institutions, and media conglomerates that favor Israel, deceive the American people with misinformation on Israel’s role in the genocide, and actively promote the genocide deserve a daily picketing.

Confronting Legislatures

Every Representative and Senator should be confronted and asked at scheduled meetings, “Why do you commit treason by supporting a nation that is committing genocide and harms the interests of the American people? Pulverize each legislator with messages and office protests. Label them as war criminals.


Lawsuits that consider defamation, violations of civil rights, violations of human rights, violations of civil laws, and recommend changes in laws challenge the genocide protection system

·         In Oakland, California, a group of American Palestinians and aid groups have filed a lawsuit against Joe Biden and accused the President of complicity in the Gazan genocide. Section 1091 of Title 18, United States Code defines genocide as violent attacks with the specific intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial, or religious group. Federal extraterritorial jurisdiction applies when the offender is a United States national.

·         Attempts to register AIPAC as a foreign agent have failed. More effort is needed to have the registration succeed and attend to other PACS and institutions that front for Israel. Assignment of legal organizations to do the task and raising of huge funds to support them has high priority. No room for failure.

·         In previous years, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), known for defaming those who criticize Israel, has been sued and paid damages. Charges of bigotry backfire, by George Lane, Denver Post Staff Writer, April 29, 2000

An Evergreen couple accused publicly of being anti-Semitic won a $10.5 million damage award from a federal jury Friday in a defamation lawsuit against the Anti-Defamation League. The ADL accused William and Dorothy Quigley at a 1994 news conference of perpetrating the worst anti-Semitic incident in the area since the slaying of Jewish talk-show host Alan Berg 10 years earlier. They were accused of launching “Operation Aronson,” an effort to run their Jewish neighbors out of town, and threatening to commit acts such as painting oven doors on their neighbors’ home. The jury found that the statements at the news conference, and on talk radio, were defamatory and “not substantially true.”

I can think of tens of necessary lawsuits against agencies, institutions, and government officials. A lawsuit against the state of Israel and anyone who uses the expression the “Jewish state of Israel,” which defames Jews by identifying them as guilty of genocide, should be entertained.

Economic warfare

Israel has a 100 percent advantage in its bludgeoning military warfare and, by holding back Palestinian funds and access to materials, uses economic warfare to enhance the genocide. Worldwide communities and governments that sympathize with the Palestinian cause can apply economic pressure and reduce Israel’s power on the world stage. The Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement (BDS) has had limited success; expanding its thrust into other products, sources, and recipients, including military hardware, can have a positive effect. A group devoted to seeking battlegrounds for economic warfare and interfacing with government officials to adopt economic measures, including sanctions, that can cause economic problems for Israel, is necessary. Extension of the elements of BDS to all Israel’s supporters — producers, financiers, intermediaries, marketers, retailers, and consumers tells the public that supporters of genocide cannot be tolerated.

Playing the name game

Strong and scornful words attached to an adversary leave psychological and emotional impressions that influence behavior. Israel’s media supporters always characterize Resistance groups to Israel’s oppression, namely Hezbollah and Hamas, as terrorist Hezbollah and terrorist Hamas. The juxtapositions of the spurious adjective and proper noun appear as if they are one word and the effect triggers an association with terrorism each time the Resistance group is mentioned. Although Iran has rarely engaged in international terrorism, other than maybe a tit-for-tat response to terrorism committed against its people, Iran is always, Iran, the leading sponsor of world terrorism. Throw it back at them.

For years, I have recommended and have used apartheid Israel as attached words. It is now legitimate to use genocidal Israel, as well as genocidal Britain, genocidal Germany, and genocidal United States.
The president of the U.S. is now genocidal Joe.
Mossad is international killer Mossad.
Why use the word anti-Semitism; it is a deceptive word that means against speaking a Semitic language. Why not use anti-Jewish or, as I have on occasions:

Anti-SemitismA refers to discrimination against Arab Semites from non-Arabs.
Anti-SemitismJ refers to discrimination against Jews from non-Jews.
Anti-SemitismAA refers to discrimination against Arab Semites from other Arabs.
Anti-SemitismJJ refers to discrimination against Jewish Semites from other Jews.


Developing a strategy requires meetings, inputs, discussions, and certifications from many interested and well-informed people, well beyond what can be said in an article. A few thoughts.

The Zionist strategy of spreading false information, making the world feel guilty for any harm done to Jewish people, so they will believe that Jews will not survive unless they have their nation, bribing legislators by offering them funds and publicity if they show allegiance to Israel, coopting Evangelists into supporting Israel, swindling American governments into eliminating Israel’s adversaries, and convincing the public that by evicting, killing and suffocating defenseless people Israel is defending itself has already been successful. The Zionist strategy has prepared the Palestinians for their final moments and paralyzed the world into accepting the gruesome deed.

Strategies have clear objectives. The Zionists will continue and strengthen their present strategy. Intent to eliminate or neutralize all opposition, from the smallest group to the large Iran nation, will accompany the strategy of severe repression that is used to obtain their objectives — strip self-identity from the Palestinians, deny them ontological security, and accelerate deterioration of their community.

The strategy for rescuing the Palestinians has three objectives. Concurrently with attending to the objectives, Israel will know that If it continues with the genocide of the Palestinian people, does not halt the repression, and does not listen to United Nations’ directives, the three objectives will be pursued.

(1)    Modifying Western governments’ policies, especially the United States, from approval of genocidal Israel to opposing genocide Israel.

(2) Bringing Israel to economic ruin.

(3) Bringing Israel to social ruin.

The first objective is fulfilled by recruiting capable people to run the organizations, acquiring billions of dollars to fund the operations, and appealing to hundreds of millions of people to join in the liberation movement.

The second objective solicits governments to ban all exports and imports to and from Israel, and denies access to financial markets and The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications (SWIFT), the system that powers most international money and security transfers.

The third objective solicits governments to forbid all travel to Israel and from Israel and deny Israel’s participation in every international educational, scientific, medical, and cultural organization.

Rescuing the Palestinians from genocide is a tough road. Nevertheless, it’s a road that must be carefully and urgently paved and lead to a correct destination. Now, the road is foggy and is leading to an indeterminate place.

The post Liberating the Palestinians first appeared on Dissident Voice.

This content originally appeared on Dissident Voice and was authored by Dan Lieberman.

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