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Despite Palestinians in Gaza facing a genocide, despite indifference from those in Washington who could stop it, and despite glee from Tel Aviv and the majority of the Israeli population over the mass death and suffering, it would seem that there would be nothing more that could faze those of us who want justice for Palestine.

It is as if we were not already drowning in waves of outrage and despair as new waves continue to barrel in. In addition to the IDF denying aid from coming into Gaza, many groups of Israel’s most depraved citizens are sitting in and blocking aid trucks from coming into the territory as well and have been doing so since at least January. These are a tiny part of the depraved 60% of the population that do not want Netanyahu to release Palestinian prisoners or to halt the bombardment of Gaza in making any deal to return Israeli hostages.

Can’t get any worse? Who is leading those blocking the aid? Meet Andy Green, who also goes by Baruch Ben Yosef. Green is one of the leaders of the citizen blockade and he was also a member of the Jewish Defence League (JDL). Green is a suspect in the 1985 murder by bombing of Palestinian-American Alex Odeh, the then-West Coast Regional Director of the American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee. The FBI seems to want us to think that they are serious about solving the murder. Green has been a suspect since the late-80s and his presence in Israel was discovered by an Israeli journalist.

The JDL is a far-right, racist terrorist group that is believed to be responsible for Odeh’s murder. The group’s chairman, Irv Rubin, was quoted at the time as saying that Odeh “got what he deserved.” Rubin and another member in 2001 were charged with conspiring to bomb government property. He died in jail from suicide while awaiting trial. The other member pled guilty and was killed in a Phoenix prison in 2005. As of 2015, the JDL-New York chapter has been inactive, but Toronto and Jerusalem are active.

Green is not only out in the open, literally, but he is right now causing even more death and suffering than he and all of the JDL combined ever did or could think about doing. His contact information is listed for his specific group’s fundraising to continue to block the aid. The US could easily get him. In 2021, Israel extradited to the United States Gershon Kranczer, who was accused of sexually abusing two relatives in New York City, one being only six years old at the time. The so-called “Right of Return” allows any Jewish person to attain automatic citizenship in Israel and of course, displace Palestinians by way of settlements, that’s a given. It has also been used by dozens of American men, who have either been accused of or convicted of pedophilia, to flee US authorities by escaping to Israel and setting up a new life, according to a CBS News investigation.

The genocide in Gaza continues as we are coming up on the 45th anniversary of Alex Odeh’s murder, which was a heinous act not only against him and his family, but against all Arab Americans. Now, a Jewish Defence League member gets to commit more crimes against Palestine and pile them above the clouds, on an already sky high alter of indignities, humiliations, thefts, rapes, massacres, shootings, bombings, child murders, famine, with all of the other horrors.

How high will it have to go before it reaches God?

The post The Jewish Defense League is at Gaza’s Border first appeared on Dissident Voice.

This content originally appeared on Dissident Voice and was authored by Brandy Johnson Owen.


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