Imposter Syndrome is when we find it difficult to internalize our accomplishments, skills and experience and fear being exposed as a fraud. Most people don’t talk about it since a big part of the experience is being afraid to be found out. Paradoxically, an ailment of high achievers, its roots stem from our upbringing and specific contexts we find ourselves in and is a vicious, but not impossible cycle to break.
  1. Episode 10: Do You Feel Like a Fake? Imposter Syndrome
  2. Episode 9: The Mother
  3. Episode 8: Whole New World
  4. Episode 7: Collective Grief
  5. Episode 6: Be Bad!
  6. Episode 5: Why We Love to Hate on Corporate America
  7. Episode 4: Why We Hoarded Toilet Paper
  8. Episode 3: Dropping the N-word (Normal)
  9. Episode 2: Current Emotions
  10. Episode 1: Quarantine Gems