We all have a mother. But who is she? What power does she yield? The power of creation. In this episode we reflect on evidence that points to a time some thousands years ago when women were the object of authority and worship. Woman as the head of the family. By considering archaeological, historical and spiritual sources, we feel deeply into the sacredness of WOMAN and the need to safeguard it, especially in times of today. “To her who evolved the whole world by her power, she who is all-pervading. Her peerless majesty and strength cannot even be described …All beings come to you for refuge. This whole world is formed from an infinitesimal portion of yourself.” - Devi Mahatmyam The conversation of this episode is inclusive of ALL. To continue the dialogue, head to @veronikahasthemic and comment. 
  1. Episode 9: The Mother
  2. Episode 8: Trendsetter You
  3. Episode 7: Collective Grief
  4. Episode 6: Be Bad
  5. Episode 5: We Love to Hate on Corporate America
  6. Episode 4: Why We Hoarded Toilet Paper
  7. Episode 3: Dropping the N-word (Normal)
  8. Episode 2: Current Emotions
  9. Episode 1: Quarantine Gems

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