What We Value

Radio Free was founded on being the voice for the voiceless, and that is our primary mission. Our community is focused on advancing journalism and the right of the free press for people, not profits. We try our best to provide information that we believe is in the public interest and we create tools and tactics to help disseminate information of all kinds. We believe that above all else, the freedom of expression, in all forms, is a human right.

What We do

Radio Free is a hub for independent journalism that never takes money from corporate interests, which ensures our publications are in the interest of people, not profits. Since 2010, we have published more than 150k articles which show the daily headlines in a new light- focusing on the most under-reported stories of the day. Our newswire has helped inform millions people worldwide and continues to evolve to serve the needs of communities around the world.

We support independent journalists by creating open-source tools and tactics anyone can use to publish and spread their own perspectives of the world. We encourage anyone to use our tools as a force for good to help better inform their communities. Community is at the core of our mission and we believe that communities are empowered when their individual and collective voices can be heard.

Radio Free is not your typical media outlet. We create and publish on the web, in print, on television and radio – all free from corporate sponsorship. Our news is news without distractions (we never sell ads); long form journalism in the public interest mixed with news that showcases diverse cultures and viewpoints. We understand that art and music are important tools to help understand the world – so we exhibit them. We don’t employ limits on article length and we don’t have a financial obligation to publish only what is popular – we are simply publishing news for the sake of journalism.

The content on Radio Free is made up of a number of sources chosen by our editors. We also publish our own material and allow for our volunteer based newsrooms to contribute content to the site. The Radio Free brand and opensource resources are maintained by Llacuna.org, a non-profit organization that has no oversight over published content. This is to ensure the longevity of Radio Free but never to control what gets published.


Prior to Radio Free being established, we published news and information without a centralized platform on FM broadcasts. Growing from the success of our broadcasts, we created an online platform that we hoped would eventually change how radio was thought of by journalists in the 21st century.

Radio Free was officialy established in 2011 as a news aggregate for quality sources of information and news. The original idea was to provide a diverse newswire so that news could easily be digested and disseminated, all on a central platform. We believe that the public is best served when news is published without advertisements and able to be easily compared to other sources discussing similar topics.

In 2014, we began making open source tools for journalists and publishers.

In 2019, our servers were attacked and we decided to rebuild our entire service, to be more secure and open to community journalists.

In 2020, we launched a new site along with radiofree.wiki

Funding Sources

Radio Free never takes money from corporations.

We never sell ads.

Radio free only accepts donations from people (not corporations) and foundational grants- only when we have determined the funding to be free from conflicts of interest and when it does not interfere with our editorial process. These grants are accepted through a partnership with Llacuna (a non-profit organization that maintains the longevity of Radio Free without any editorial control) which allows us the freedom to publish any story without censorship.

Still have questions? We’re always available via email. Please visit our contact page for more information.

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