Twenty years after the second intifada, Jon Elmer analyzes current state of Palestinian armed resistance.
  1. Podcast Ep 59: Jenin rises
  2. Podcast Ep 58: How students are fighting ADL's smear campaigns
  3. Podcast Ep 57: Landback from Turtle Island to Palestine
  4. Podcast Ep 56: Canada's arms exports to Israel
  5. Podcast Ep 55: How to fight university censorship
  6. Podcast Ep 54: Palestine is the litmus test for international law
  7. Podcast Ep 53: Whitewashing Ukraine's Nazis
  8. Podcast Ep 52: No more excuses for apartheid Israel boycotts
  9. Podcast Ep 51: Defeating censorship on a UK campus
  10. Podcast Ep 50: Israel's dirty arms trade secrets