Ralph welcomes back Professor Adolph Reed to talk about whether Biden’s racially and gender diverse cabinet will actually translate into a real shift of power to the people or follow the same old corporatist playbook. And Constitutional scholar, Bruce Fein, returns to argue for a full impeachment and conviction of Donald Trump no matter how long it takes.
  1. Cleaning Up Trump’s Mess
  2. Crime Stoppers!/Pay Equity
  3. Now That The Dems Control Congress…
  4. Power of the Commons/2020 Highlights
  5. Police Misconduct/OSHA Turns 50!
  6. How To Save 4.2 Million Lives
  7. Georgia On My Mind
  8. Do The Right Thing!
  9. Salt Wars/Medicare Scams
  10. Gerrymandering Victory! Ax the Max!

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