While a federal minimum wage increase would affect millions of workers and the social fabric, it would have particular impact on one "essential" yet somehow expendable group: Black women.
  1. Michelle Holder on Black Women & Minimum Wage, Alice O’Connor on the War on Poverty
  2. Mitch Jones on Texas Freeze-Outs, Joe Torres on News for All the People
  3. Celine McNicholas and Joanne Doroshow on Forced Arbitration, Kate Bronfrenbrenner on NLRB
  4. Ending the Forever Wars: Phyllis Bennis on Afghanistan, Hyun Lee on Korea
  5. Basav Sen on Biden Climate Policy, Hannah Sassaman on Prometheus v. FCC
  6. Kimberly Inez McGuire on Abortion Realities, Bama Athreya on Defending Gig Workers
  7. Chris Savage, Talia Buford & Peggy Case on Flint Water Crisis
  8. Keri Leigh Merritt on the New Lost Cause, Elisabeth Rosenthal on Troubled Vaccine Rollout
  9. Dorothee Benz on January 6 Insurrection, Mara Verheyden-Hilliard on Police Responsibility

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