For bonus content, to support independent media and to help make this program possible, please join us on Patreon at: Writer Freddie DeBoer, organizer Afeni, former lawyer current writer Molly Shah and Plan C Pills co-founder Amy Merrill discuss how the hell we can fight back against the Ascendant Right Wing, its Supreme Court and the Democrats who refuse to do anything about them. Freddie deBoer is a writer and academic and the author of The Cult of Smart. His writing has appeared in The New York Times Magazine, Harper’s Magazine, The Los Angeles Times, The New Republic, Politico. Find his work at Afeni ( is a Black queer activist and core organizer with Freedom Fighters DC. During the George Floyd Uprisings Afeni saw first-hand how abusive the police are towards human rights protesters. Her advocacy and voice is lended to all marginalized people from our Palestinian cousins to protesters being brutalized in Nigeria, Afeni's voice knows no border. Afeni is passionate about equity, anti-racism and transformative mutual aid. Molly Shah ( is a contributing writer to The Real News and social media consultant based in Berlin. Prior to moving to Germany Molly was an activist, teacher and lawyer in Louisville, Kentucky. Amy Merrill is an artist and activist, and cofounder and digital director of abortion pill access campaign Plan C at ( She also leads a web design and communications studio Eyes Open at Amy has a background in nonprofit management and social impact startups, choosing complex issues like voluntourism, human trafficking and gender inequality - which ultimately led her to focus on reproductive health equity and self-determination, and to cofounding Plan C.
  1. Freddie DeBoer, Afeni, Molly Shah & Amy Merrill On How To Fight Back
  2. How Russian Sanctions Are Backfiring with Derek Davison
  3. Briahna Joy Gray on Cenk Uygar and Tucker Carlson
  4. Biden's Laughable Summit Of The Americas With Jemima Pierre And Peter James Hudson
  5. DSA Drama & Twitter Censorship
  6. Colombia's SHOCKING Elections + Texans React To Shooting
  7. Pete Buttigieg & Hungry Babies + Mass Shootings With Branko Marcetic
  8. Chris Smalls Taking On Amazon & Brittany Ramos DeBarros Running For Congress
  9. Will Nina Turner Run Third Party & Why Amy Vilela Is Running
  10. How Dems Sold Out Roe V Wade With Amy Littlefield, Rebecca Parson & Shahid Buttar