To hear the rest of the discussion, please join us on Patreon at - Abayomi Azikiwe discusses the recent BRICS expansion, the admission of the African Union into G20, France's ongoing war with Africa and de-dollarization. But first, headlines with Justin Williams. Abayomi Azikiwe is the editor of the Pan-African News Wire. Abayomi Azikiwe is the editor of the Pan-African News Wire. Justin Williams is a comedian and co-host of ‘Fraudsters’ on the Last Podcast Network. ***Please support The Katie Halper Show *** For bonus content, exclusive interviews, to support independent media & to help make this program possible, please join us on Patreon - Get your Katie Halper Show Merch here! Follow Katie on Twitter: @kthalps
  1. BRICS Expansion & Africa Updates With Abayomi Azikiwe
  2. Lesley Blume, David Hecht, Alex Wellerstein & Jamie Peck
  3. Jan Kavan
  4. How Colonialism Caused The Maui Fires w/Kaniela Ing, Kahala Johnson & Justin Williams
  5. New York Times’ Saber-Rattling McCarthyism with Eugene Puryear
  6. Ex-CIA Agent Ray McGovern on Ukraine War, Freddie DeBoer on AOC
  7. 'War Made Invisible' with Norman Solomon
  8. Medea Benjamin & Jeffrey Alexander Sterling
  9. Glenn Greenwald Remembers His Husband, Brazilian Politician David Miranda
  10. Mark Ames, Yasha Levine On Russian Coup & Omali Yeshitela On Being Indicted For Free Speech