#EvictionMoratorium A panel of housing organizers, unhoused activists & policy wonks talk about the recent expiration of the eviction moratorium. Ava Farkas is the head of Met Council On Housing (https://www.metcouncilonhousing.org/); Milton Perez is an organizer with VOCAL (https://www.vocal-ny.org/); Samuel Stein researchers and writes about the politics of housing and urban planning and is the author of "Capital City: Gentrification and the Real Estate State (https://www.shapeofthecity.blogspot.c... Amye Cutlip is an independent data journalist and a housing rights advocate; Maebe A. Girl (https://twitter.com/Maebe_A_Girl) is a U.S. House Candidate, Paul Williams is a fellow at Jain Family institute, grad student in John Jay masters program in economics (https://twitter.comJJayEcon); Rebecca Parson (https://twitter.com/RebeccaforWA) is a housing organizer, formerly homeless, and a candidate for Congress in Washington‘s 6th District. She’s running against the 13th most conservative Democrat in the House and has been endorsed by Brand New Congress.
  1. Dems Let #EvictionMoratorium Expire With Sam Stein, Amye Cutlip & Paul Williams
  2. Who Killed Haiti's President? With Kevin Pina
  3. A Moral Resurrection With Reverend William Barber
  4. Medicare For All March + Lee Camp & Tara Reade!
  5. The War On Cuba W/ Actual Cuban Journalist Liz Oliva Fernández & Cuba-based U.S. Journo Reed Lindsay
  6. Julian Assange's Fiancée Blasts Media Silence & Political Cowardice
  7. #RIP Mike Gravel W/ Dan Ellsberg & Gravel's Daughter
  8. 'Histories Of The Transgender Child' with Jules Gils Peterson
  9. Aaron Mate vs The Young Turks
  10. Chevron's Poison w/ With Roger Waters & Steve Donziger