*Warning: discussions of violence and abuse towards children* The Red Nation Podcast co-hosts Nick (@nickwestes) and Jen (@JenMarley1680) discuss the recent Department of Interior report on the federal Indian boarding school system, Indian child removal policies and forms of genocide. But what does justice look like for survivors and modern Native Nations? Make sure to check out the first half of the conversation from last week if you haven't already.  Support  www.patreon.com/redmediapr
  1. Boarding school genocide w/ Nick and Jen (pt.2)
  2. Community, autonomy and reproductive justice
  3. Colombia & the Latin American left tide w/ David Adler
  4. Boarding school genocide w/ Nick and Jen (pt.1)
  5. Riding the worm
  6. Listen carefully to rebellion’s echo w/ Susan Blight
  7. The four invasions of Guatemala and Indigenous resistance w/ Giovanni Batz
  8. The business of representation w/ Uahikea Maile
  9. Intellectual no-fly zone w/ Mnar Adley
  10. The life and death of Larry Casuse w/ David Correia and Ursula Casuse Carrillo