Kim Tallbear, Andray Domise, and Melanie Yazzie join co-hosts Nick and Jen for a post-inauguration recap. Support: 
  1. Settlers Gone Wild: Inauguration Hangover
  2. Hank Adams: In Memoriam
  3. The Scam of Reconciliation w/ Eva Jewell
  4. Settlers Gone Wild: Capitol Hill Edition
  5. Protecting Maunakea in a Time of COVID w/ Shelley Muneoka
  6. Indigenous Architecture: Building Historical Consciousness
  7. Venezuela: Sanctions and Democracy
  8. John Trudell - "Power, Authority and Tribal Genocide" (1994)
  9. (Preview) Nothing new about (Neo)colonialism w/Lou and Nicolás
  10. (Preview) Anti-imperialism, policing and decolonization after the Trump presidency feat. Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz

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