Red Power Hour is reporting back from Hollow Earth! Guests Zitkato (@BandsIsland), Jennifer Marley (@JenMarley1680) and Demetrius Johnson join #RedPowerHour co-hosts Elena Ortiz (@spiritofpopay) and Melanie Yazzie (@melanie_yazzie) to discuss Godzilla vs. Kong. Support
  1. Godzilla vs. Kong; It's an Indian Thing
  2. #NativeReads ep. 12: The Oceti Sakowin Literary Tradition w/ Sarah Hernandez
  3. Dances With Wolves: We Watched it so You Don't Have to
  4. "Rebellions are built on hope": Star Wars and settler colonialism
  5. (Preview) "First and Foremost: Landback" - Prutehi Litekyan/ Save Ritidian
  6. Decolonizing Guam w/ Jessica Nangauta, Maria Henandez, and Monaeka Flores
  7. The myth of "sex work" w/ Esperanza Fonseca and Khara Jabola-Carolus
  8. All walls must fall w/ Harsha Walia
  9. Seven Generations of Red Power
  10. (Preview) Anne Spice - "Blood Memory"