We welcome political theorist and legal scholar Zachari Manfredi to talk about his Boston Review article "Radicalizing Human Rights." Then we have more of your answers to this week's Question from Hell!, as well this week's installment of Rotten History. https://bostonreview.net/articles/radicalizing-human-rights/
  1. Radical Human Rights / Zachery Manfredi
  2. Corruption, Capitalism, and Wolf Extinction / Spencer Roberts
  3. Global Warming in India / Kamala Thiagarajan
  4. Strategic Degrowth / Susan Paulson
  5. The Borderline Police State / Reece Jones
  6. Brazil Election Troubles / Brian Mier
  7. Black Lives, Black Radicalism, and State Violence / Donna Murch
  8. Attention Deficit Disorder vs. Capitalism
  9. Attention Deficit Capitalism
  10. Great Replacement World Tour / Pranay Somayajula