Sociologist Amy Cooter joins This Is Hell! to discuss her new book from Routledge, "Nostalgia, Nationalism, and the US Militia Movement." After the interview, we announce this week's best answer to the Question from Hell! Check out Amy's book here: Help keep This Is Hell! completely listener supported and access weekly bonus episodes by subscribing to our Patreon:
  1. Nostalgia, Nationalism, and the US Militia Movement / Amy Cooter
  2. Guns Fuel US Anti-Immigration Politics / Emine Fidan Elcioglu
  3. Enshittification Made Tech Platforms Shitty and Now It's Coming for Your Industry / Cory Doctorow
  4. The Crime of Electronic Monitoring / Jacob Kang-Brown & James Kilgore
  5. The Battle to Control Haiti / Jake Johnson
  6. Black Women, Ivory Tower / Jasmine Harris
  7. The Final Nail in Psychiatry's Antidepressant Coffin / Bruce Levine
  8. What's in Store for Milwaukee at this Summer's RNC? / Rachel Ida Buff
  9. Human Rights Under El Salvador's "Cool Dictator" / John Cavanagh
  10. Israel, the United States, and the Rhetoric of the War on Terror / Maha Hilal