Listen to host Diana Buttu as she delves deep into a chapter of Palestinian history. Journey back to 1973, when under the cloak of night, Israeli soldiers seized a scenic hilltop near the town of Burqa, Nablus. Once a serene haven of apple orchards and mesmerizing terraces, this 173 dunam (approximately 43 acres) land, owned by Palestinians, was transformed overnight. Families who once flocked here to immerse themselves in nature's embrace suddenly found their beloved land overtaken to establish a military base, subsequently morphing into the Israeli settlement of Homesh. This episode sheds light on the resulting geopolitical divisions and the devastating impact of settler terrorism on the residents of Burqa. Join Diana for a gripping narration of how landscapes and lives can change, leaving legacies of lost connections and longing.
  1. What happened in Burqa, Nablus - Part 2
  2. What happened in Burqa, Ramallah - Part 1
  3. Israel's Judicial Overhaul Explained
  4. Israel's Invasion of Jenin
  5. The Occupied West Bank On Fire: Israeli Settler Violence and Annexation
  6. Drawing Hope: Mohammad Sabaaneh, Renowned Palestinian Cartoonist
  7. Rock Climbing in Palestine
  8. The Life of Palestinian Political Prisoner Khader Adnan
  9. Palestinian Political Prisoners Part 2
  10. Palestinian Political Prisoners Part 1