In this episode, we take a deeper look into Israel’s deliberate targeting and killing of Palestinian journalists in Gaza. Killing journalists is a war crime. According to the UN, Gaza is the deadliest place in the world for journalists right now. Additionally, the International Journalist Federation has issued a statement describing Israel’s killing of Palestinian journalists over the past four months as “deliberate and systematic.” Host Diana Buttu speaks with Anan Quzmar, a representative from the Palestinian Journalist Syndicate (PJS). They discuss the critical role of Palestinian journalists, who are not only reporting the news about Israel’s genocide but are also living it. Over the past four months, Israel has killed at least 120 Palestinian journalists. The PJS has described the conditions of Palestinian journalists in Gaza, saying, “They lost their families and they continue their work…They are without houses and they continue their work... Without food, without the security for them, without their families.” Listen to learn more about the stories of Palestinian journalists and why they continue to remain absolute in their reporting and expose Israel’s war crimes to the world. Thank you for listening to 'This is Palestine'!  Follow our host Diana Buttu on Twitter here  Follow us on Instagram here Follow us on Twitter here Follow us on Facebook here Visit our website here
  1. Gaza: World's Deadliest Place for Journalists
  2. The Silencing of Palestinian Students in Israeli Universities
  3. Connecting Gaza To The World
  4. Recap: South Africa & Israel’s Week 1 at the ICJ
  5. South Africa Charges Israel with Genocide: What You Need to Know
  6. Reverend Mitri Raheb: Why Christmas in Palestine is Canceled This Year
  7. Hope Amidst Ruins: Dr. Ghassan Abu-Sitta’s Frontline Testimony in Gaza
  8. A Palestinian Teenager’s Experience in an Israeli Prison
  9. Former Top UN Official Craig Mokhiber on Israel’s Genocide
  10. Palestine and Social Media