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Our team is volunteer based and distributed worldwide.
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We’re a global community of volunteers organized around the goal of creating better practices for journalism and independent media for people, not profits. We believe that collectively we have the power to make a huge difference in society by providing accessible, independent journalism in the public interest.

To learn how you can contribute, sign up and introduce yourself in the Discussion chat on the WordPress dashboard once logged in. There, you’ll be able to to start helping by contributing your skills or learning a new skill from someone else.

We are always in need of volunteers

We are happy to offer college credit for internships – email to get started with an internship.

Simple ways to contribute


We always need volunteers to print and post news in communities around the world. At the bottom of every news post, you’ll see a “Print” button. If you click that button and then print that page, it will print out the standard Radio Free newspaper- including in-line citations. Please feel free to use this feature to print out daily news in your community that is being underreported. Leave copies in cafes, waiting rooms, break rooms, bookstores, trains, bulletin boards, or even on walls as wheat pastings. You can print these on regular paper with any printer and disseminate need to make a positive impact in your community.


Anyone can contribute articles to Radio Free. We ask that you first read the GetInvolved guide on our github page first before you submit work, so that you may better understand our basic journalistic principals. If you ever have questions that can’t be answered by a quick web search, you are always free to email for support. To contribute a post, click on posts once you’ve logged in, and then add a new post using the WordPress editor. Your posts will go to an editor for review after submission. We try to keep the review process short, but review times may vary depending on many contributing factors. It’s way easier than you think to contribute to the daily news. Anyone, of any age, of any background, at any skill level can contribute an article. We only require passionate, thoughtful people who can share their perspectives of the world, with the world.


We are always in need of web and app developers to volunteer by building opensource tools for journalists. We keep a running list of approved projects on the WordPress dashboard, so take a look and if you think you can contribute to any of those projects (no matter how small or large the contribution) email to get access. We are also always in search of new ideas for UI/UX and other tools to help journalists and publishers. Post ideas in the Discussion chat to get feedback from users, or go rouge and present a finished concept for something you’d like us to maintain and host.


Translating and transcribing the news is one of the easiest ways to get started. If you speak multiple languages, we would love your help translating news posts and pages on our website to any language. We are creating a great system for this but it’s not quite ready. For now, if you want to get involved translating, email


We’ve built and designed everything from facial recognition software that helps artists confront border patrol, custom designed wireless transmitters for an economic ($13) XLR in, mic that transmits to smartphone wireless mic for reporters to use in the field, to FM and AM radio transmitters for LPFM stations and much more. We need help designing the tools of the future. Everything we build is opensource, and maintained by volunteers.

Got an idea for something we probably need help with but haven’t listed here? Post it on the Discussion chat once logged in.