This week, join CODEPINK’s cofounder, Jodie Evans, as she takes us through an intense two-day journey in the halls of Congress, where peace activists from CODEPINK and other groups used Valentine’s day to spread a message of love and solidarity by delivering heartfelt valentines to members of Congress, urging them to embrace compassion and demand an immediate ceasefire to end the ongoing genocide in Palestine. But that's not all - Jodie also takes us along the poignant path walked by renowned actress and tireless activist, Susan Sarandon. Susan leverages her influential voice, navigating through the political maze of Congress, to call for a ceasefire in Gaza, and the funding of UNRWA, regardless of the personal costs.
  1. Episode 236: Flooding Congress with Hearts and Stars. Ft Susan Sarandon
  2. Episode 235: Here We Go Again: US Revives Aggression Against Venezuela
  3. Episode 234: Genocide!
  4. Episode 233: Yemen, The "Houthis", and Palestine
  5. Episode 232: Taiwan and Kurt Campbell
  6. Episode 231: March 4 Gaza & the Importance of Intersectional Organizing for Palestine
  7. Episode 230: Illness, Injury, and Illegality of Israel
  8. Episode 229: Israel on Trial for Genocide
  9. Episode 228: From Fargo to Washington DC: How Peace Was Present in 2023
  10. Episode 227: Beyond the Cold War: A Feminist Foreign Policy for the Asia-Pacific