What can you do to support public media?

Radio Free relies on donations from people like you for our funding. Just a few dollars a month from someone who supports public media can keep our funding independent and diverse. We work each day to improve access to media and expand access to free tools journalists and creators need to do their jobs. Since 2011, we have provided open access to information in the public interest as an investment to better humanity. News has the power to change the world by communicating ideas and stories about our individual perspectives and experiences. Help us make sure independent media is there to tell those stories for another decade.

Donate to Support Global Independent Public Media.

Radio Free never accepts money from corporations or governments

News should be in the interest of the public, not the corporations. For more than a decade we have refused donations from corporate interests (including governments) and maintained our integrity and commitment to providing news for people, not profits. As our organization grows, so do our financial needs. Consider making a monthly donation that sustain our efforts to provide everyone a place to discuss the most important issues of the day.

Radio Free’s newswire service has informed millions and continues to be a vital resource for people who value reliable information about the world. Our news is broadcast, printed, downloaded and listened to because of a decade of hard work from more than 250 individuals who volunteered their time to build tools and resources for independent journalists. Help us continue our crucial work for another decade by making a monthly donation of any amount.

Learn about how the news should be and the steps we take to improve journalism for all.

Get Your Radio Free Media ID Card

We build tools for journalists, including Media ID kits which supply journalists of all ages with a fleet of tools for publishing and investigating. Help us fund our kits by ordering your own or donating one to someone else, no matter your media affiliation. Our kits are great for veteran reporters wanting to improve their digital security, less experienced novice journalists, and everyone in between.

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