Money – You Look Like A Sad Painting On Both Sides Of The Sky | A Take Away Show

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Directed by Aelred Nils
Sound direction by JB Aubonnet
Sound assistant: Felix Pozzo
Produced by Ondine Benetier for La Blogothèque

Very special thanks to Julien at Église St Merry, Matthieu at [PIAS] Cooperative & Dali.

“prayer” by Jamie Lee

you’re down
and beat
hear this

when you have nothing left
but the mad will
to breathe
hear this

when you have gone mad
when you are crazy with loss
when the walls
talk and ask
when the streets 
rumble and cry
when your name
is dust
and the money’s somewhere else
and the tap’s dripping
when the cats are wailing in the night
when your eyes won’t see
hear this
hear me

i have been there
i have seen 
and i have walked through it
and i am still walking
there is 
there is 
is beauty
and still
so much 
to come

god bless this land
that we have named it earth
and all who are in it
all sweet
all good
all fine

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