Every Vote Must Be Counted

WASHINGTON – In our democracy every vote counts and every vote must be counted. The will of the people is reflected in how we cast our ballots. Politicians do not get to decide whose votes will count and whose votes won’t count. We choose our politicians, they do not choose us.

We knew coming into this election in the middle of a national health crisis that we would have to wait for final results, and we will. We will wait and we will count every vote because we are a democracy.

No politician can declare victory before the people have spoken. Voters have done their jobs, and now election officials are doing theirs. It takes time to count ballots and use the secure measures that are in place to confirm the election’s outcome and the will of the people.

Common Cause, with our staff and volunteers on the ground in all 50 states, will continue to uphold the resilience of our democracy, watching the count, and is prepared to defend every American’s right to be heard in our democracy.

At 12:00 p.m. ET, Common Cause will hold a media briefing with national staff and Common Cause state leaders from Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia, and North Carolina.To register, click here.

To view this statement online, click here

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