Tiny Desk, Tinier Man

Once again, Trump loses and the Internet wins after his surreal White House appearance to announce the obvious – he’ll leave – while seated at a teeny kiddie desk sparked a giddy explosion of hashtags celebrating his banishment from the grown-ups’ table. Swiftly trending, reportedly even in Europe, were #DiaperDon, #TinyDesk, #TinyDeskDonald. Many noted they thought the image of Trump squeezed into the desk was photoshopped until realizing it was just perfectly symbolic: “Mini desk. Tiny hands. Infinitesimally small soul,” tweeted Adam Lasnik. People inserted little Donnie into dollhouses, mouse holes, the Four Seasons Destitute Desk. They asked who wore it better – Trump or Will Ferrell’s “Elf” – and thanked the sly champion of the resistance who each day has quietly swapped out a real desk for one a bit smaller, and panned the latest NPR Tiny Desk Concert: “He’s not even a musician. He just sat at a literal tiny desk and yelled at reporters. Worst. Concert. Ever. 1/10 would not recommend.” #TinyDeskTrump.” All this, of course, before he opened his unfortunate mouth.Mostly, on a day of thanks, there was gratitude for the good time had by all: “Just want to give an extra Thanksgiving shout-out to the person in Trump’s camp who walked out to look at that desk prior to today’s presser and went, ‘Yeah, looks good. Bring him in.’ #hero.” The very small man, alas, was not amused. A few hours later, seeing #DiaperDon trending, he raged “Twitter is sending out totally false ‘Trends'” and, because things can always get weirder, raved “for purposes of National Security” Section 230, a law protecting sites from legal liability, “must be immediately terminated!!!” Yes, well. Speaking of immediately terminated…”May this be how we remember the Trump presidency,” wrote one patriot. “A baby at his tiny little desk throwing a tantrum.”

“No church, no nobility, no royalty or other fraud can face ridicule in a fair field and live.” – Mark Twain.








Not photoshopped

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