Headlines for June 11, 2021

G7 to Donate 1 Billion Vaccine Doses to Poorer Nations, But Billions More Needed, Biden Says “No Strings Attached” to Vaccine Donations, But Venezuela Is Blocked from Getting Any, Trump Administration Secretly Seized Private Data from Two Democratic Lawmakers, Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal Slammed for Failing to Address Climate Crisis, U.N.: Tigray Region of Ethiopia Facing World’s Worst Famine in a Decade, Socialist Teacher Pedro Castillo Closing In on Becoming Peruvian President, Undercover Israeli Forces Kill Three Palestinians in West Bank Raid, Shocking Video Shows Israeli Guards Brutally Assaulting Palestinian Prisoners, Amnesty International Accuses China of Crimes Against Humanity in Xinjiang, Republican Lawmaker in Oregon Expelled for Helping Armed Protesters Enter State Capitol, State Autopsy Confirms Police Shot Andrew Brown Jr. in the Back of His Head, DA in Westchester, NY Orders Review of 2011 Police Killing of Kenneth Chamberlain Sr., Texas Sheriff Deputy Placed on Leave for Tasering Teenage Honduran Asylum Seeker, Puerto Rico Faces Massive Blackout Days After Privatization of Electrical Grid

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