Headlines for August 3, 2021

Louisiana Orders Mask Mandate as U.S. Logs Highest Coronavirus Toll Since February, Federal Employees Must Show Proof of Vaccination or Face Regular Tests, U.S., U.K. Say Afghan Taliban Massacred Civilians in Spin Boldak, State Department Offers to Resettle Thousands of Afghans Who Worked with U.S. , Refugee Advocates Sue as Biden Admin Continues Trump-Era Border Policy, HHS Watchdog to Probe Reports of Dire Conditions at Migrant Youth Detention Camp , Progressive Blast White House for Allowing Eviction Moratorium to Expire, 200+ Arrested at D.C. Protest Demanding End to Filibuster, Voting Rights, Study: Gerrymandering Could Win Republicans House Majority in 2022, Two More Officers Who Responded to January 6 Capitol Insurrection Die by Suicide, 5 Miami Beach Police Officers Face Criminal Charges over Brutality Caught on Video, NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo Questioned for 11 Hours on Sexual Harassment Allegations, Palestinian Families in Occupied East Jerusalem Reject Israeli Court Offer to Delay Evictions, Brutal Heat Wave Threatens to Topple Europe’s All-Time Temperature Record, Water Protectors Shot with “Less Lethal” Police Munitions at Line 3 Pipeline Protests, Zürich Protesters Block Entrances to Swiss Banks That Finance Climate Crisis

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