Headlines for October 1, 2021

Congress Extends Gov’t Funding as Pelosi Delays House Infrastructure Vote Amid Democratic Split, Court Allows Biden to Continue Mass Expulsions Without Due Process Under Title 42, Merck Applies for Emergency Use of Antiviral Drug That Could Halve Number of Severe COVID Cases, Rep. Cori Bush Opens Up About Having an Abortion After Rape as House Members Share Abortion Stories, Over 50% of Police Killings Go Unreported, Police Kill Black People at 3.5x Higher Rate Than Whites, Protesters Demand Accountability After Officials Suspend Probe into 2020 Beirut Port Blast, Salvadorans Protest New Cryptocurrency, Power Grab by President Bukele, Judge to Sentence Steven Donziger, Lawyer Who Sued Chevron for Amazon Oil Spills, Footage from Animal Rights Group Shows Mistreatment of Chickens at Foster Farms, Biden Admin Restores Migratory Bird Protections as Another 23 Plant & Animal Species Go Extinct, Youth Activists Rally in Milan to Demand Climate Justice Ahead of November’s COP26, NYC Taxi Drivers Hold 24/7 Protest to Demand Debt Relief from Purchase of Medallions, Chicago Tortilla Plant Workers Escalate Protests Against El Milagro, Canadian Gov’t to Pay Billions in Compensation to First Nations Children for Welfare Discrimination

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