Headlines for October 5, 2021

Facebook Whistleblower Frances Haugen to Urge Congress to Take Action, Johnson & Johnson Seeks FDA OK for Booster Shot, New York Healthcare Provider Fires 1,400 for Refusing to Get Vaccinated, Biden Accuses GOP of Playing “Russian Roulette” with U.S. Economy, Activists Confront Sen. Sinema in Arizona Bathroom, State Department Lawyer Blasts Biden for “Inhumane” Expulsions of Haitians, California Declares State of Emergency After Offshore Oil Pipeline Spill, Biden Administration to Open Up 80 Millions of Acres for Drilling in Gulf of Mexico, Report: 14% of World’s Coral Reefs Lost Since 2009 Due to Climate Emergency, Biden Reverses Trump-Era Domestic Gag Rule on Title X Family Planning Clinics, Judge Ignores Federal Prosecutors and Sentences Insurrectionist to Jail, Hollywood Crew Workers Vote to Authorize Strike, Commission Estimates 330,000 Children Sexually Abused in French Catholic Church, Masked Jewish Settlers Attack Palestinians in “Pogrom” as Settler Violence Surges, Bangladesh Probes Murder of Prominent Rohingya Activist, Duterte Announces Plan to Retire from Politics Amid ICC Probe, U.N. Investigators Document Possible War Crimes in Libya by Warring Factions, National Women’s Soccer League in Crisis Amid Coach Abuse Scandal, CVS, Walgreens and Walmart on Trial for Opioid Epidemic, Missouri Prepares to Execute Ernest Lee Johnson, an Intellectually Disabled Black Man

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