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June 20, 2022Stanley L. CohenChesa Boudin Did Not Lose . . . We DidPatrick MazzaImagining the Pacific RepublicBinoy KampmarkPredictable Monstrosities: Priti Patel Approves Assange’s ExtraditionPatrick CockburnBoJo’s Demolition of the Northern Ireland P…

June 20, 2022

Stanley L. Cohen
Chesa Boudin Did Not Lose . . . We Did
Patrick Mazza
Imagining the Pacific Republic
Binoy Kampmark
Predictable Monstrosities: Priti Patel Approves Assange’s Extradition
Patrick Cockburn
BoJo’s Demolition of the Northern Ireland Protocol is Hypocrisy Run Wild
Algernon Austin
Only Radical Changes Will Make Rents Affordable
Chad Hanson
Logging Yosemite Will Make It More, Not Less, Vulnerable to Fire
Sam Pizzigati
Can We Ever Retire to Greater Equality?
April M. Short
Our Bodies, Societies and Planet Are Inflamed for the Same Reasons
Ralph Nader
U.S. Senate – From Partisan (GOP) Swamp to a Bipartisan Graveyard for Democracy
Walden Bello
The Global South in the WTO: Time to Go on the Offensive
Alexandria Shaner
The Activist’s Antidote: A Conversation About Depression, Hopelessness, & Burnout  
Clark T. Scott
The Basilisks’ Blue Devotees
Tracey Woodruff
Decades of Research Document the Detrimental Health Effects of BPA

Weekend Edition
June 17, 2022
Friday - Sunday

Stephen F. Eisenman
Portents of War
Joshua Frank
How Our Consumption is Killing Poor Kids in Los Angeles
Roger Harris
Summit of the Americas Flops While Workers Summit Exposes Cracks in the Imperial Façade
Jeffrey St. Clair
Roaming Charges: A River Ran Through It
Eve Ottenberg
Hating Kids the American Way
W. T. Whitney
US Constitution: Bad Medicine for Children
Ramzy Baroud
Palestinians ‘Are Bound to Win’: Why Israelis Are Prophesying the End of Their State 
Robert Hunziker
Buckle Up! The Arctic’s Sizzling
Lawrence Davidson
Should The Left Support Biden in Ukraine?
David Barsamian – Noam Chomsky
Welcome to a Science-Fiction Planet
Tom Clifford
Growing Discontent With Beijing’s COVID Policies
John Laforge
The Nuclear Weapons Treaty Ban in the Footsteps of 1982’s Million-Person March
David Yearsley
Songs of Oz
Matthew Stevenson
Letter From Crimea: Of Pushkin, Pasternak and Putin
Fred Gardner
Watergate’s Golden Anniversary
Vijay Prashad
Why Does the United States Have a Military Base in Ghana?
Shawn Fremstad
Children Raised by Same Sex Parents are Thriving
Sam Pizzigati
Keeping Workers Poor is Bad for Business
Lori Sokol - Merle Hoffman - Sunsara Taylor
A Response to Jezebel by Leaders of Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights
Gerald A. Perreira
Leaders of the Americas and the Caribbean Miss Historical Opportunity to Deal Blow to US Imperialism
Richard C. Gross
Trump’s Repeated Deceptions
Lindsay Koshgarian
Only in Top Gun Can the Military Solve All of Our Problems
Jessicah Pierre
Celebrating Juneteenth With Bold New Ideas
David Rovics
Breaking Even in the Gig Economy
The Mapping Project
Boston’s Colonial Universities Grab Land for Profit, War, and Medical Apartheid
Stephen Capra
Where is the Governor?
Dean Baker
Will CNN Put Trump Back in the White House?
Basav Sen – Bob Lord
The Climate Case for Taxing Wealth
David Macaray
Jimmy Carter Wasn’t All Bad
Donald Gross
The Case for Stopping the Ukraine-Russia War
Sam Husseini
Stop Calling them “Justices”, That’s “Not Their Job”
John Kendall Hawkins
Another Take on American Pie, 50 Years Later

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