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War in Gaza: Decoding Nasrallah’s speeches

Since he was elected Hezbollah Secretary General in 1992, following Israel’s assassination of his predecessor and mentor Sayed Abbas Mousawi, Sayed Hassan Nasrallah has achieved a very special status in the history of Arab & Muslim leaders. As Norman Finkelstein put it, “Nasrallah is the only political leader in the world from whom you learn […]

Since he was elected Hezbollah Secretary General in 1992, following Israel’s assassination of his predecessor and mentor Sayed Abbas Mousawi, Sayed Hassan Nasrallah has achieved a very special status in the history of Arab & Muslim leaders. As Norman Finkelstein put it, “Nasrallah is the only political leader in the world from whom you learn in the speeches. He is a teacher. He is among the shrewdest and most serious political observers in the world today. Israeli leaders carefully scrutinize Nasrallah’s every word.” And denouncing the relentless censorship suffered by my translation of Nasrallah’s speeches on the Internet and social networks, he added: “Why are the rest of us denied this right? One cannot help but wonder whether Nasrallah’s speeches are censored because he doesn’t fit the stereotype of the degenerate, ignorant, blowhard Arab leader. It appears that Western social media aren’t yet ready for an Arab leader of dignified mind and person.”

Why is Nasrallah so feared, and paradoxically so listened to, by friends and foes alike? Why did the majority of Israeli citizens themselves, in the midst of war, trust his statements more than those of their own leaders? The reason is that Hezbollah’s credibility rests not only on two humiliating defeats inflicted on Israel in 2000 and 2006, the first in its entire history; but above all, it is because Nasrallah is a man of his word, who, if he doesn’t say everything he does or intends to do, scrupulously does everything he says. Counter-intuitive as it may seem, Nasrallah never lies, or at most by omission. In over 30 years, there has never been a false statement, a lie or an exaggeration from him, not even in the framework of his ongoing psychological warfare against Israel, where lies wouldn’t be a sin (“War is deception”, says a famous hadith of the Prophet). To quote Professor Finkelstein again, “Gamal Abdel Nasser was not serious. He gave all of these big speeches, this bombast, but there was nothing behind it. Every time he went to war, he said ‘We’re going to do this and that’, but he was defeated. I’m sorry, it’s just a fact. The first time you have a leader who’s serious, it’s Nasrallah. He says ‘We’ll do A’, we do A; ‘We’ll do B’, we do B. There’s no empty talk. That’s serious and I have to respect that.”

With Nasrallah’s credibility established, let’s ask ourselves what he really said during his speeches on November 3 and 11, and what this portends for the future.

Of the hundreds of speeches he has given over the past 30 years, the one on November 3 was undoubtedly the most eagerly awaited. The whole world hung on his every word, waiting to hear what Hezbollah would do to help the people of Gaza. Since Hamas’s spectacular operation on October 7, which caused an enormous earthquake felt not only in Israel but throughout the world, particularly in the largely pro-Zionist centers of Western power, the Palestinian population of the enclave has been subjected to a methodical war of extermination. And Hezbollah has always vowed solidarity with the Palestinian cause. So what was Nasrallah going to say during his first intervention, almost a month after the war began? Was he going to issue an ultimatum to stop the genocidal aggression against Gaza? Would he declare war on Israel and open a new front? Would he, as spokesman for the Axis of Resistance, announce the launch of the long-heralded “Great War of Liberation”, with, echoing the Palestinian “Al-Aqsa Flood”, a deluge of missiles on Haifa and Tel Aviv from Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran and Yemen? These expectations were not reasonable, nor even rational. While Putin did announce the “Special operation” in Ukraine, which had been denied right up to the last second by his government, starting a war is not something that is usually announced, especially by Resistance movements based on guerrilla tactics. And Hezbollah, in such contexts, is used to acting before speaking, as demonstrated by the launch of operations against Israel on the Lebanese border in support of Gaza as soon as October 8.

When expectations are exaggerated, even on the part of the most reputable journalists and commentators, disappointment is inevitable. “Nasrallah barks but doesn’t bite,” ran the headline in an Italian newspaper, expressing the frustration of many, including his admirers. But a careful analysis of his words shows that there was no reason for disappointment. Quite the contrary, in fact.

A clear commitment

First of all, it was clear from the third minute of the speech that Nasrallah was not going to announce anything truly historic: referring to his forthcoming annual speech on November 11, Hezbollah’s Martyr’s Day, during which he would talk more about the martyrs, those of Hezbollah, the Palestinian Resistance and the people of Gaza, it was already clear that no major upheavals were planned. But what he announced was enough to reassure those hoping for a “miracle”: Nasrallah made it clear that even if Israel’s objectives in Gaza are illusory (to annihilate Hamas), and that yet another military failure was very likely and foreseeable, he assured us in no uncertain terms that if Hezbollah remained in the background for the time being and contented itself with forming a support front, if need be, Hezbollah would do everything necessary to ensure victory for Gaza, and for Hamas in particular. This included waging open, all-out war against Israel, which he insisted on, in order to deter Israel and reassure the Palestinian people and Resistance, and also to psychologically prepare the Lebanese population (and, beyond that, the populations of Middle Eastern countries and indeed the whole world) for the eventuality of Armageddon. Here are a few significant extracts of his speech:

“In 1948, when the world abandoned the Palestinian people, this entity was founded, and the Palestinian people and all the countries and peoples of the region paid the price. The Palestinians paid the highest price, but other peoples also suffered the tragic consequences: the Jordanians, the Egyptians, the Syrians, the Lebanese. And it may well be that Lebanon is the country that has suffered most from the consequences of the existence of this bellicose, usurping entity whose appetites (territorial & bloodlust) are insatiable. This is an undeniable historical truth. And today, the same thing is happening.

What is happening today in Gaza is not a war like other wars in the past. It’s not an event like any other. This is a pivotal, decisive, historic battle. What comes after will be nothing like what came before. And that means we all have to assume our duties. When we talk about assuming our duty, we have to determine the short-term objectives we all have to work towards. And as far as we’re concerned, there are two objectives: the first is to put an end to the aggression against the Gaza Strip. And the second objective is for Gaza to be victorious, for the Palestinian resistance in Gaza to be victorious, and in particular for Hamas itself to be victorious. These goals must be ours, resolutely, and we must work tirelessly to achieve them.

The first objective, to put an end to the war, has clear and indisputable reasons: they are humanitarian, moral, religious and legal. As for the second objective, o brothers and sisters, o listeners, it is in everyone’s interest. Certainly, victory in Gaza is first and foremost in the interest of the Palestinian people, of all the Palestinian people: victory in Gaza would mean victory for the Palestinian people, victory for the prisoners in Palestine, victory for the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, Al-Quds (Jerusalem), Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. But it would also be the victory of the countries and peoples of the region, and above all of the neighboring countries. Victory in Gaza today is Egypt’s national interest. Victory in Gaza today is Jordan’s national interest. Victory in Gaza today is Syria’s national interest. And first and foremost, victory in Gaza today is Lebanon’s national interest. For what would an Israeli victory in Gaza mean, if the Resistance were defeated in Gaza? What would be the consequences for Palestine, for the Palestinian cause? And above all, what would be the consequences of an Israeli victory for Lebanon, in security, political, popular and demographic terms? […]

What happens on our front is very important, and has a great influence. Some people, who expect or demand that Hezbollah should quickly enter into a comprehensive and all-out war with the enemy, may think that what we’re doing is modest, but if we look objectively at what’s happening on the Lebanese border, we’ll see that it’s very important and meaningful. Of course, whatever happens, we won’t be satisfied with that. We won’t be satisfied with what we’re already doing, and we’ll do more. […]

If our position were simply one of political support, speeches and daily demonstrations, Israel would be reassured on its northern border, and would have sent all its forces to Gaza, and some to the West Bank. But this is what the Lebanese front has accomplished. Today, Hezbollah has been able to mobilize (and thus neutralize):

  • a third of the Israeli army, blocked at the Lebanese border against our mujahideen who are fighting it at the border; and a large part of these forces are elite troops and essential units of the Israeli army that could have been sent to Gaza;
  • half of Israel’s naval forces are present in the Mediterranean, opposite us and opposite Haifa;
  • a quarter of the air force is mobilized in the direction of Lebanon;
  • almost half of Israel’s missile defenses (Iron Dome, Patriot batteries, etc.) are turned towards Lebanon;
  • almost a third of its logistical forces are directed towards Lebanon.

This is one of the direct results of our action on the border. These figures are precise and verified. So much for the first point.

Secondly, tens of thousands of settlers have been evacuated by the army or have fled the north of occupied Palestine on their own. 43 settlements have been evacuated. And the majority of those still there are soldiers, not civilians. In the south, around Gaza, 58 settlements have been evacuated. And all these settlers evacuated from the north and south represent a very strong psychological, moral, financial and economic pressure on Israel, to the point that the Israeli Finance Minister raised the alarm in this regard, and this is very important to apply pressure and play for time.

Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, the operations we are launching on the border and in the Shebaa farms have created a state of anxiety, expectation, fear and even panic among the enemy’s political and military leaders, as well as the United States. They fear that this front will escalate into a full-scale war, or even spread into a regional war. And this is a realistic fear: it can happen, and the enemy must take it into account in his calculations. And this is what he is doing with the utmost seriousness, constantly expressing this fear and talking about it, and giving it great importance in his decisions. […]

On the Lebanese front, things are going to develop and even escalate in any direction depending on two things, one of two fundamental things: firstly, the development and outcome of events in Gaza. Our front is a front of support and solidarity with Gaza, and therefore it develops and escalates in the light of events there, and according to what the nature of events, threats and developments on the ground in Gaza really demands. And the second thing that will decide what happens on our Lebanese front is the behavior of the Zionist enemy vis-à-vis Lebanon.”

In the light of these statements, it seems clear that all those who have attributed to Hezbollah a position of neutrality, withdrawal or even cowardice and treachery, likening his promises to vain Nasser-style bombast, have not been paying close enough attention. If Hezbollah is content to be a supporting front, it’s because it believes that Gaza is capable of prevailing, and that a victory for Gaza alone would serve the cause of the Liberation of Palestine far better.

And as for thunderous announcements, Nasrallah’s first speech did contain one quite remarkable one: the threat to go to war directly against the United States itself, or even to neutralize its aircraft carriers in the Mediterranean Sea, which is far more consequential than any kind of threats against Israel:

I declare with all sincerity, frankness and clarity, while maintaining strategic uncertainty: all scenarios on the Lebanese front are possible, and all options are on the table. We can make the choice (of all-out war) at any time. And we must all be ready and prepared for any scenario. And I say to the Americans: threats and intimidation are useless with us and with the Resistance movements in the region. They are of no use either against the Resistance movements or against the countries of the Axis of Resistance. Threats and intimidation against the Resistance will lead you nowhere.

Your aircraft carriers in the Mediterranean Sea don’t scare us, and never will. And I’m telling you in all honesty, those aircraft carriers you’re threatening us with, we’ve prepared everything we need to deal with them! O Americans, remember your defeats in Lebanon, Iraq and Afghanistan, and your humiliating retreat from Afghanistan. O Americans, those who defeated you in Lebanon in the early 1980s [on October 23, 1983, a suicide attack on the Marines’ headquarters in Beirut killed 241 US soldiers and officers who were taking part in the Lebanon war on the Israeli side, and drove them out of Lebanon; this attack is widely attributed to Hezbollah] are still alive, and at their side today are their children and grandchildren, and all are waiting for you with bated breath.

As sensational statements go, this one is hard to beat.


The preceding analysis seems to me indisputable enough. The one I’m about to propose is more questionable – and more likely to please those who hope we’re witnessing the Final Liberation War.

As I said in my previous article, even if certain forces of the Axis of Resistance, whether Hezbollah or others, had already decided to go to full-blown war, it would be in their interest to make Israel believe the contrary, so as to let it engage meaningfully and get bogged down in Gaza, then attack it by surprise when, as happens in every war (because Israel never learns from its mistakes and keeps at it), finally understanding the imminence of a military, economic and moral disaster, it would call its US godfather to the rescue and ask him to vote for a ceasefire in order to save face. In this scenario, Hezbollah and its allies would only have to divide the enemy’s forces and paralyze part of them to ensure the failure of the troops in Gaza, while sending signals to the Israeli army (and the Americans) that they would go no further. And perhaps these signals were what so disappointed all those who had hoped to see Hezbollah unleash an all-out war against Israel, for at the end of his speech – a crucial moment – Nasrallah seemed to assert that the moment of Liberation was still a long way off:

“Concerning our horizon, I declare to our Palestinian people, to our brothers and sisters in Gaza, to all Resistance fighters and dignified men in Palestine and in our region, that since the Resistance movements were founded after the creation of the Zionist entity, we have been waging the battle of endurance, resilience and patience. Our battle has not yet reached the stage of dealing the fatal blow. We still need time before we can deliver the final blow to Israel. Let’s be realistic. We win step by step, we win by a succession of small victories. That’s how we won in Lebanon in 1985 [expulsion of Israel from ¾ of occupied Lebanese territory], then in 2000 [expulsion of Israel from southern Lebanon], then in 2006 [release of all Lebanese prisoners held in Israel]. That’s how the Resistance won in Gaza, how the Resistance achieved things in the West Bank. That’s how the Resistance won in Iraq. That’s how Afghanistan won. Through endurance, resilience, the ability to endure the sacrifices inflicted by the enemy. Here lies our main strength.”

Did Nasrallah need to spell it out so clearly, so bluntly, so explicitly, instead of leaving further doubt? Isn’t this a kind of “green light” to Israel and the US? Or was it something else? What if, in reality, he skilfully measured his words throughout the whole speech, so as to say enough, on the one hand, to reassure the Palestinians, Lebanese and Arab peoples who were eagerly waiting for him and direly needed moral support, and dissuade Israel and its allies from going too far, while reassuring, on the other hand, the American-Zionist enemy by making it believe that in reality, Nasrallah is only doing what’s necessary to maintain his credibility (saving face is paramount for imperialist forces, who are incapable of understanding that this concern may be indifferent to their adversaries), and isn’t prepared to risk a regional conflagration? This would be a real balancing act, which he would appear to have pulled off with flying colors, since after his speech, Israel and the United States seem to have received what they interpreted as Hezbollah’s subliminal “green light” and have stepped up their campaign. By the way, Hezbollah and the Axis of Resistance have done likewise, and continue to erode and exhaust the enemy: as Nasrallah announced in his speech on November 11, Hezbollah strikes are slowly but surely becoming more frequent and more severe, hitting Israel further and further away, using kamikaze drones and “Volcano” missiles with an explosive charge of up to 500 kilograms for the first time, and even retaliatory strikes targeting and killing settlers, as a retaliation for murdered Lebanese civilians: Israeli deaths and injuries on the Lebanese front number in the hundreds (Nasrallah mentioned 350 wounded, including many critical cases, in one hospital alone) and may already have paralleled those of 2006. Despite all this, the Axis of Resistance is still careful to maintain a measured escalation, to climb its ladder “step by step” indeed, and not to go beyond the stage that will trigger a loss of control of the situation and a regional war: for while the Resistance movements have the advantage when it comes to the war of attrition, aimed at provoking a gradual collapse of the enemy until the moment comes to deliver the “fatal blow”, the most devastating firepower is on the American-Israeli side. And it’s worth pointing out that, had Hezbollah and the other factions of the Resistance struck Israel and the US bases on October 8 as hard as they are doing now, the great war would already have broken out: but the more time passes, the more Israel’s hopes, capabilities and resources are drained, the more the US diplomatic cover is exhausted, and the less likely it is that a new front will be opened.

Indeed, it’s quite possible that the time for the “coup de grâce” is imminent: not only against the Israeli entity, but perhaps even against the United States itself, whose bases in Syria and Iraq are being struck daily and with increasing intensity, with the avowed aim of expelling their forces. A few passages from Nasrallah’s first speech directly suggest this:

“After the October 7 operation, the panic in Israel was such that from the very first day, the United States opened its strategic arms depots to the Israeli army. In the very first days, Israel asked for new weapons, new missiles, 10 billion dollars… While the Axis of Resistance had not even begun anything serious! Is this Israeli entity a powerful country? It can barely stand upright! The fact that all the European and Western presidents, prime ministers, ministers, generals, politicians rushed to revive this moribund country demonstrates its extraordinary fragility. […]

We must realize that the United States are the real cause of this war, and that Israel is merely its instrument. The United States is preventing the Security Council from condemning Israel, preventing a ceasefire, preventing an end to the aggression in Gaza. They are indeed the ‘Great Satan’, as described by Imam Khomeini. They are primarily responsible for all the massacres of the past and present century, from Hiroshima to Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Palestine and the whole region. And they must be held accountable for their crimes and massacres, and punished for everything they have perpetrated against the peoples of our region. And within this framework, the Islamic Resistance in Iraq has decided to attack the military bases of the American occupier in Iraq and Syria to drive him out, considering that it is the United States that is leading the battle in Gaza, and that it must pay the price for its aggression and support for Israel, its occupation and crimes in Iraq, Syria and Palestine.”

Has the time come for the extirpation of the Israeli “cancerous tumor” AND the expulsion of US forces from the Middle East, the promised “just retribution” for the murder of Qassem Soleimani? Many objective elements suggest that the time is more propitious than ever, from the earthquake of October 7 to the terminal disintegration of Israeli society even before these events (let’s not forget that Netanyahu was already disgraced and that the whole country was on the brink of civil war because of the judicial reform project), the draining of Western financial and military resources in Ukraine, the economic and energy crisis, and, above all, the unprecedented orgy of bloodshed unleashed in Gaza, which has massed populations all over the world against Israel. More than ever, public opinion is ready to accept the necessity of Israel’s demise, as the two-state solution is clearly nothing more than a joke. Nasrallah emphasized this point in his November 11 speech:

“Through its aggression and massacres, Israel aims to make Gaza bend and obtain surrender not through military victory but through mass terror, and also to regain its deterrence capacity towards the entire Axis of Resistance, but it will not achieve this objective: on the contrary, the choice of Resistance will be more and more massive, as has happened since 1948. And in so doing, Israel is inflicting many defeats on itself: for example, its monstrous and barbaric nature is becoming increasingly clear to the world’s peoples and governments alike. For over 20 years, the international media, and unfortunately even some Arab media, have worked tirelessly to portray Israel, its leaders and its settlers, illegitimately called “a people”, as good and decent fellows who aspire only to peace and peaceful coexistence. But all that is falling apart today. Israel is dealing a fatal blow to the project of normalizing its relations with Arab-Muslim countries, which was so dear to its heart, and which all the Arab & Muslim peoples had already rejected. But more important than this is the change in world public opinion, which has seen Israel’s true face behind the cloak of lies: Israel claims to protect children, but kills them by the thousands; the same goes for women. This current transformation is in the interests of the Resistance, its project and its peoples, as well as Gaza. The daily demonstrations being organized in our Arab and Islamic world are very important, but they are also happening in Washington, New York, London, Paris and other European and Western countries, whose people are putting massive pressure on their governments to end the aggression against Gaza. Even leaders who initially expressed unconditional support for Israel and opposed the ceasefire as a gift to Hamas are now calling for an immediate cessation of hostilities, with the exception of the USA and its UK servants. But the bloody aggression against Gaza, the massacres, the shredded bodies of women and children, deliberately and openly targeting hospitals, are making this war unbearable for the whole world, and putting pressure on the aggressors. Time is against the enemy and those who support him.”

Between their disgust at the ongoing genocide in Gaza, which will eventually convince them that Israel, since its genesis, has been a Judaic equivalent of ISIS, and the economic backlash of American and European sanctions against Russia following its intervention in Ukraine, Western peoples, who are demanding an end to the aggression from their governments in unprecedented demonstrations, will also weigh in to prevent their leaders from embarking on a military operation to rescue Israel that could trigger World War III, and a planetary economic and financial collapse. And as the idea of deporting 2 million Gazans to the Sinai desert has left Western leaders cold, the “remigration” of 6 million Jews to the most beautiful cities in Europe and America will seem like a much easier pill to swallow.

Finally, let’s remember that while Nasrallah has indeed repeatedly envisaged Israel’s demise following the collapse of the United States on the Soviet model, with no risk of triggering World War III (because without the protection of their US sponsor, the Zionist settlers would feel powerless and leave on their own in their millions), he did envisage another, far more dramatic scenario in a October 1, 2017 speech, which clearly contradicts his “small gradual victories” theory:

“I want to send a clear message to Israelis and Jews in Occupied Palestine and (all over) the world: from the beginning, within the Resistance, we have emphasized that our battle is directed against the Zionist invaders who occupy the land of Palestine and our Arab territories. Our battle is not against the Jews as followers of the heavenly Jewish religion (recognized by Islam) or as people of the Book [the Torah]. It was the Zionist movement that used Judaism and Jews to carry out a project of colonialist occupation in Palestine and the region, in the service of the British a hundred years ago, then later in the service of US policies.

Jews who have been brought from all corners of the world must know that they are but cannon fodder in a Western colonialist war against the Arab and Islamic peoples in this region. And today they are fuel for US projects and policies that target the people of the region. And when our people defend their existence, their land and their honor against Zionist gangs, they are unfairly accused of anti-Semitism. This accusation is found in every corner of the world.

I say today to the Jewish scholars, to their eminent personalities, to their thinkers: those who brought you from all corners of the world to Palestine for their own interests are ultimately working towards your destruction. You must know this, because it is written in your religious books.

The current Israeli government, led by Netanyahu, is leading your people to annihilation and destruction. For he only plans for war, and keeps seeking it. He worked in the past to prevent the signing of the nuclear deal with Iran, and he failed. And he is currently working with Trump to tear up that agreement and push the region into a new war. If Trump and Netanyahu push the region into another war, it will come at your expense, and it is you Israelis who will pay a very high price for these stupid policies of your head of government.

And Netanyahu is also pushing the region towards war against Lebanon, Syria, Gaza and the Resistance movements, under false titles and defensive pretexts, and a preventive war as he claims. And here, I hope that all Israelis will listen carefully to what I am going to say: Netanyahu, his government and his military leadership do not have a correct assessment of the magnitude this war will have if they manage to kindle its flames. How big will it be, what will be its battlefields, who will participate in it, who will enter it… Netanyahu, his government and his military leaders do not know how this war will end if they start it.

And I also confirm to you on this subject that they do not have a fair image of what awaits them if they undertake an act as stupid as this war. They have neither clarity (of vision), nor precise evaluation, nor fair picture of what awaits them. If they light the blaze of the next war, (they have no idea) how far it will reach, what areas it will embrace, and who will participate in it.

This is why today I call first and foremost on all Jews except Zionists to detach their considerations from Zionist calculations which themselves lead to final destruction.

And I call on all those who came to occupied Palestine believing in the promises that they would find the land of milk and honey to leave it. I call on them to leave Palestine and return to the countries from which they came so as not to be fuel in any war that the government of the fool Netanyahu leads them into. Because if Netanyahu launches a war in this region, there may not be time for them to leave Palestine, and there will be no safe place for them in occupied Palestine.

The enemy government must know that times have changed, just as it must know that those with whom it hopes for an alliance will be a burden to them, because they are themselves in need of protectors (and cannot help anyone). And the scale of the massacres committed by Israel against the Palestinian people and the peoples of the region, its partnership with ISIS and its open complicity in the project of partition of the region through its open and eager support for the secession of Kurdistan, all of this will cause the peoples of the region to render a momentous verdict against them.

And I conclude by saying to the Israelis, to the grassroots Israeli people in this usurping entity: you know that what your political and military leaders tell you about Israel’s ability to achieve victory in any upcoming war is largely made up of lies and illusions. What you have been told is largely made up of lies and illusions. And you know the extent of the flaws and breaches that exist within your army and your society.

And that is why you must not allow stupid and arrogant leaders to lead you into an adventure in which there may be the end of all things and this whole entity.

While this scenario may have seemed a ludicrous fantasy in 2017, it is undeniable since October 7, with Israel being humiliated and hit from all sides (Gaza, West Bank, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Yemen). Israel didn’t listen to Hamas’ warnings and got October 7. If they don’t heed Nasrallah’s much more ominous warning, they may well be on their last breath.

What happens next?

While neither imperialism nor Zionism cares about human lives, not even those of their own soldiers and citizens, who are effectively nothing more than fuel for their plans for domination (the “Hannibal procedure” in Israel, applied massively on civilians since October 7, is a clear proof of this), the Axis of Resistance wants to preserve human lives at all costs, first and foremost its own, but also those of others, Zionists included: they want to kick out the invaders, not to kill them. This is why they have been repeatedly urging them to leave on their own before it’s too late. According to Islamic morality, which has nothing to do with the genocidal Talmudic teachings, an innocent life is worth an innocent life. And the cadres of the Axis of Resistance, who act on the basis of rational calculations, empirical analysis and a long-term vision, not on the spur of the moment, will know better than anyone how to wait and seize the best moment to deliver the “final blow” to the “temporary usurping entity”. There’s no point in trying to predict this fateful moment by focusing on speeches: at the end of his speech on November 11, Nasrallah made it clear that for Hezbollah, it’s the ground and the weapons that speak first. Speeches and comments only come afterwards:

“In Lebanon, it’s the battlefield that speaks. Because the battle we are waging is unique. I don’t announce things in advance, only for the fighters to carry them out. Our policy in battle is that it’s the field that acts, it’s the field that speaks. And only then do we explain and comment on the actions in the field. That’s why eyes must remain riveted on the battlefield, and neither on our statements nor on my lips.”

It is therefore to the battlefield that we must turn our eyes, and despite the atrocious martyrdom of the people of Gaza, we must above all consider their indomitable character, their legendary courage and the heroic struggles of the Hamas & Islamic Jihad Resistance, backed by forces in Lebanon, Irak and Yemen. This is a sight for sore eyes, and it should reassure us about the outcome of this battle. Time is clearly on the Resistance’s side. Whether the final War of Liberation is near or far, if the “Sword of Al-Quds” in 2021, which was the first battle between Gaza and Israel deliberately instigated by the Palestinian Resistance, had already given us a glimpse of it with its unforgettable images of settlers hastily packing their bags and fleeing by the hundreds, the “Al-Aqsa Flood” has brought us closer than ever.

Whatever happens, Israel has lost the initiative, and will probably never regain it. On May 25, 2000, in his Liberation speech in Bint Jbeil, Nasrallah famously declared that “Israel is weaker than a spider’s web”, provoking bewilderment and mockery, but as he pointed out quoting Israeli media, today, many Israelis are more convinced of this truth than he is. In the same speech, Nasrallah also said that “The time of defeats is over, and we have well and truly entered the era of victories”. This prediction has been confirmed over and over, in ever more spectacular fashion, and can infallibly serve as our compass to predict the future.


This content originally appeared on Dissident Voice and was authored by Sayed Hasan.

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